Writer Submitted Fic: 6/4-6/10

July 11, 2010
Voice For Me by PashasPickMeUp
Reviewed by JaimeArkin

Summary: Bella and Edward come from two different worlds; one of silence and one of sound. Fiesty Bella starts school at Forks High and turns jaded Edward's world upside down. Can they find their own voice through true love?

Bella lives in a world of silence. She’s hearing impaired and her parents have decided to take her from the school she has attended her whole life and place her in Forks High School where she is the only hearing impaired student. Quickly we realize that this is not going to be an easy transition for her whether it’s the gawking students or the stubbornness of teachers, she has to figure out a way to make it work. We quickly meet Alice and her brother Edward. Alice, as Bella’s interpreter, tries to make everything as easy as possible and they become fast friends.

Very quickly the Cullen family and more specifically Edward, become immersed in lessons in understanding a different culture and learning to accept differences. In this story, Edward has to fight for Bella’s respect, which I really enjoy. He doesn’t just automatically get the girl. We get the story mainly from Edward’s POV and we experience the difficulty that he goes through trying to understand and adjust to make room for Bella in his life. He certainly starts out as a cynical, spoiled kid who takes a lot of things for granted but as the chapters progress we see his changes and as a reader I was impressed with his growth. There are a few misunderstandings as can be expected when attempting to mesh two completely different worlds but the best part of this story for me was the realness and the idea that we as readers can learn a thing or two about real life issues while enjoying a wonderful story.

The authors of this story grew up around deaf culture as children of deaf adults so they know what they are writing about and I personally have always found ASL or American Sign Language fascinating. Most of the signs in the chapters are explained so not only can you visualize but if you’re so inclined, learn the signs too! Not only that but we read about the different prejudices and discriminations that the deaf community has experienced and still experiences. It opens your eyes to how cruel some people can be but we also see how loving, accepting and caring people can be and how differences in a relationship can turn your world upside down but in a completely wonderful way. This story is a work in progress and is only sixteen chapters in. I definitely suggest starting it now, if you don’t you are missing out on a touching, wonderful, real story!

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