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July 11, 2010
The Acclimation Diaries by booboo_kitty
Review by LadyTazz

Summary: All told from EPOV, The Acclimation Diaries chronicles Edward's struggles with learning control & taking things 1 step at a time as he acclimates to Bella sexually in prep of their impending wedding night. Can he keep his desire in check or will his snap?

First I would like to say that I have read this story twice and now skimmed it for this review. It never gets old.

The Acclimation Diaries has a O/S that prequels it called Show Me

Bella thinks Edward is out hunting and leaves the bathroom in nothing but a towel to go to her room to find Edward there. What happens when the towel falls to the ground?

Acclimation Diaries

This story is one of the first stories where Edward is pushing his boundaries that I have read. It's from EPOV.

With the advice of Carlisle and Alice, Edward decides he needs to acclimate himself with Bella's body. Of course Bella is all for this. Edward still has issues besides is strength and need for Bella's blood that he is fighting. He was raised with a different time where a gentleman didn't have thoughts of lust and sex towards the one you loved outside of marriage.

With Alice's help of visions he is able to take steps toward a physical relationship with Bella. We start with some light above the waist touching and some racy pictures of Bella and some over the phone masturbation- totally HOT!! The happy couple continue down the road of exploration and you many chaps of hot fun!!

On scale of 1 - 10 Tazzy gives The Acclimation Diaries an 11!! Miss boobookitty hits a home run with fic!

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