Brand New Fic of the Week: 6/18-6/24

July 15, 2010
The Devil's Hypnotist by WindowWardsGirl

Summary: All it took was one meeting and Bella was hooked. Problem is she can only remember a pair of piercing green eyes. Rated M for language encounters of the yellow fruit kind. AU/AH

"Now Isabella, I told you last time we met I would not be easy on you." -Edward

Now tell me that quote alone doesn’t make you want to read this story? I dare you.

I had found myself in a sort of a story rut. Most of my stories were ending or had ended and I was aching for something new and different. My good friend recommended this to me and I put it on my list and didn't start it right away. And for that I’m thankful, because if I had to just read that prologue alone without the next chapter ready and waiting I probably would have done something ridiculous like gnaw off my own hand. This story was something different all right. I asked for a story that would literally pull me to it. I so desperately longed for one of those “drop everything and read” stories.

I got exactly what I asked for.

This is an Edward and Bella story, but I promise you it is like no other. Edward and Bella have a strong connection that we the readers aren’t clued in on all the details yet. There is something dark, powerful and mysterious about this Edward and again we aren’t entirely to sure what it is, besides that he must hide behind his sunglasses.This story is going to blossom and unfold like a good story should. Nothing is given away in the beginning, nothing at all,. You know just enough to keep you coming back for more.

This story strikes your curiosity from the very get go and will make you go ‘What the hell,’ but in the way every reader wants to. This story is full of secrets and I’m dying to know everyone of them. It has multiple layers like an onion and it seems as though the author has planned to unfold each secret in perfect sync to interweave with the story. There are flicks of hints of what could be possibly going on but this is the type of story where each word she types could be a clue or a just a wonderful tease.

Speaking of teases, Here’s a little Bella inner monologue regarding the man she just met, Edward. Well the man she thinks she just met...

“He gave me a little smirk making me feel as stupid as I sounded, before grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd and led me to a car; or should I say the sex chariot that belonged too the sex god in front of me. It was a white Maserati MC Sport-line with windows tinted so dark that I couldn't see in. It was the sexiest fucking car I'd ever seen. The contours screamed sex and I wanted to fuck or be fucked on the hood. He opened the door for me without speaking a word, pulled my hand up and kissed the inside of my palm. It was the most intimate and erotic feeling I had ever experienced. This guy knew what he was doing. As I settled into my seat, he walked around to the driver's door gracefully. It looked like he was gliding. I wondered if he was aware of the hold he had on me.”

See? That’s just a hint of hotness that’s to come.

I cannot wait for her to slowly unravel all the secrets of the enigmatic Edward/Hypnoward - Follow him on Twitter ladies.

You should not hesitate to jump on the train that is The Devils Hypnotist. It is only two chapters in but from what I have seen I have nothing but utter faith and trust in this author to take us on a ride that we will never forget.


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