Brand New Fic of the Week: 6/25-7/1

July 16, 2010

Like The Shadow by americnxidiot
Reviewed by KylaPricky
*This story is no longer available*

Summary: “High school sucks. The stress is high, and the kids are cruel, especially when you don't look like the rest. For Edward Cullen, college was the fresh start he always wanted. Too bad he left behind more than he intended.”

What are the common fic nicknames that we all know for Edward Cullen? There is the Adonis, angel, marble statue, Greek God, Sex on legs, etc etc. Have you read a story where he starts off as nothing remotely close to any one of those names but instead he is known as, “Jabba the Cullen”

This story starts off with Edward Cullen finally returning to visit his hometown of Forks after staying away for six long years. Edward left Forks as the taunted “Jabba the Cullen” and comes back as the new hot shot and sexy trimmed down composer that now resides in LA.

I adore this quote from a flashblack when Edward and Bella first met in high school:

“Instead of snorting or looking him over, deciding that he wasn't worth her time like so many others had, she kept her eyes on his. Then she smiled a little brighter.

And just like that, after only a handful of words and a grin, Edward fell in love with Bella Swan.”

Bella was the only one that gave Edward the time of day during high school. She was his only true friend and he was in love with her. He never requited his love and with his trip home he realizes that his love for her never faded.

When he sees Bella Swan for the first time since coming back, he quickly recognizes that chubby insecure young boy with sweaty palms trying to creep back from the inside.

Edward believes that Bella has the effect on him because he has held her on a pedestal all these years and that the only way he can get over her is...well to date her..or try to anyway.

“I was Edward Cullen, new and improved.
And maybe it was time that Bella knew that.”

Edward is desperate to show Bella that he is no longer “Jabba the Cullen” but is that really what Bella wants?

You are not going to love this Edward because he is the unattainable fantasy; you are going to fall for him because this Edward is actually relatable. He is irrevocably human and I think his relationship with food is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in fanfiction. He made me snort out loud, because as a chubby kid myself I could totally connect with his food and comfort issues.

What really makes this story for me is all the subtleties that the author threads throughout the story to give her characters life. As a reader, you won’t only fall in love with Edward, but you will not be able to keep yourself from falling head over heels for the Cullens and their family dynamic. After reading this I want nothing more than to drink Esme’s hot cocoa with all of them around the fire.

This story is a modern spin on the ugly duckling fairy tale and it’s overflowing with realism and honesty.

If you haven’t started yet, please don’t keep this story in the shadows for long, because you will regret it.

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  1. Tammy said...:

    OMG I must read this!! Sounds so good!

  1. Rachel said...:

    Thank you so so so much for doing this. It put such a smile on my face :)

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