Brand New Fic of the Week: 7/16-7/23

July 19, 2010

Bloodletting by queenofgrey
Summary: “Bloodletting - noun - bloodshed or slaughter; the act or practice of letting blood by opening a vein. Edward lives a life of death & Bella lives one of healing. Somewhere, covered in blood, there is a middle ground that will save them both. E/B, AU.”

Edward begins this story as merciless vampire that simply needs to be fed.

“Homer once wrote, "Hunger is insolent, and will be fed," and I, for one, subscribe to that notion. It's innate – the want to stay sated and alive – and it is this I remember as my teeth sink into flesh and lives end. I am helpless, hopeless, for hunger is in control, overwhelming, and I am at its mercy. I feel no blame, no remorse for the lives I've taken, for the blood I've swallowed, for it is my nature and I must give into it. I feel nothing but hunger, and I must feed.”

He feels no remorse, guilt, or shame about killing for food.. It is a necessity. He is hungry and must be fed, end of story. Until one kill flips his world.

“And for the first time, I feel a twinge in my gut and I vomit blood all over the ground in the alley, wondering where this sentimentality, this feeling of remorse and wrong-doing has come from”

This kill is a sharp turn in the story that comes totally out of left field and this where the author grabs you by the gut and it doesn’t seem that she will loosen her grip anytime soon. This story is two chapters in but she had me hooked in the first paragraph and I’m just dying to know what is going to happen to Edward next. There is a certain air of mystery to this story that seems to appear effortlessly through the author’s vivid, engaging and unique writing.

I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one to miss what this author has in store for her readers and for this Edward.

I usually only have two quotes per review, but the author has so many great ones already in this short story that I could only narrow it down to three. There was no way I was leaving this baby out:

“I have been found, and not by God; I have been found by a girl and her dog, and Hell has arrived – Hell, without the possibility of parole.”

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