What Fills the Eyes Fills the Heart

January 26, 2012

What Fills the Eye Fills the Heart by TwoTwiMoms
Review by AbbyCreations

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Bella is an erotic romance novelist who finds herself in a pub to escape her roommate's animalistic "romps". While at the pub, she meets sexy, Irish Edward. On St. Patrick's Day will she end up having a romp of her own?

I say this all the time, angst is a tiresome seductress. I love to torture myself by reading angst and even though I don't make it a point to read it exclusively several authors have managed to suck me in and keep me doubled over in pain for weeks. It's all part of the fun. However, I do love a break from that and What Fills the Eye Fills the Heart is a delightful break from some of the heavier fics I am currently reading. That is not so say that this fic doesn't have it's heavy, poignant topics but at eleven chapters in there is enough there whereby you don't have to deal with pesky cliffies.

Bella writes erotic romance novels (that's right up our alley here, eh?) whose roommate's constant knocking of boots runs her out of her apartment on a regular basis. She ends up at an Irish Pub where she meets it's equally Irish proprietor Edward Cullen. The two hit it off pretty much right off the bat and we don't have to wait long at all for a juicy lemon. TwoTwiMoms even writes Edward's accent into the dialogue. Perhaps that's an incorrect description so here's a little bit of Irishward (as with all Wards I'm sure other Irishwards exist but for the sake of this review I will dub him as such ;-) )

The couch sank next to me, Edward's warm body close as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I leaned into his body relaxing just a bit. 

"Darlin', I'm sorry. Please don't be mad. I thought it sounded like fun." "I'm sorry, Edward. I'm overreacting it's just physical activity is not my thing." 

"What if I told ye I would never let anything happen to ye? Would ye go then?" 

"I don't know Edward." 

Edward kissed my temple and whispered only for my ears, "What if I made it up to ye later? Anything ye want." 

Because she's been burned before, Bella is a little hesitant to jump in with both feet but fortunately her hesitation seems to last only a second. Edward is more than willing to meet her half way even as her book deadline and subsequent tour loom in the horizon. At it's core this story seems to explore the everyday trivialities that make a relationship difficult to establish. How do we make do with whatever time we have to spend together? Edward's solutions seem promising.

In this story we have Alec starring as the bad guy. He's the crappy boyfriend that did a number on Bella. His actions are the definition of cowardice and I sensed a bit of foreshadowing that tells me that he will be back and it won't be pleasant.

Did I mention there are some generous lemons sprinkled throughout?

"Bella, ye are so damn sexy. Ye better get in before I take ye right here." 

A soft moan escaped my lips as he let me go. I dropped the robe and slowly lowered myself in the tub. It felt heavenly after all the running around I had done today. I looked up at Edward as he watched me with such lust in his eyes. 

"Are you going to join me?" 

"I thought ye'd never ask." Edward dropped his boxers and I sat up so he could lower himself behind me. I leaned back on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. A soft sigh left my lips. 

"Better, darlin'?" 


We soaked in the bath for a while relaxing and enjoying being in each other's arms. I started to doze off when I felt Edward's hands start to caress my sides gently up and down, his hands always stopping shy of the underside of my breasts. 

He continued teasing me with sensual strokes of his hands on my sides. I lowered my hands and started massaging his upper thighs while I heard a moan escape his lips. My hands became a little rougher as Edward's torturous hands still didn't move to where I wanted them most. 

As if reading my mind his hand finally moved to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples. I could feel the growing heat between my legs. I steadied myself holding Edward's knees as I shifted and turned to straddle his lap. 

I lowered my lips to his taking them in a passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around me as I rubbed my pussy over his hard cock. I lowered my hand between our bodies, pumping his cock in my hand as my tongue stroked his. 

"Darlin', you're killing me." 

I will leave you to find the rest of it as you read...

I am seven chapters in and eager to read the next four. Aside from the two main characters, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett do feature quire prominently. Edward is a lovable guy and though I admit his speech took me some getting used to as I hadn't come across it before it works really well. Oh and the Gaelic he throws out every now and again is pretty cool too. So give it a shot and if you have some time please leave this story a nice review. I know writers love to hear from their readers. Oh and one more thing, if I could appeal to everybody that reads this and reviews not just this story, but any story at all- be nice. We often don't realize how much our words stay with people long after they've left us.

Happy reading!


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    Thank you so much for the lovely pimpage!Such nice words and we appreciate anyone who enjoys our writing. I hope we don't disappoint!

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    Thank you so much for the pimpage and words of encouragement and support. We appreciate it so much! We hope everyone enjoys reading "Irishward" as much as we enjoy writing him!

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