New Fic of the Week: 1/23/12

January 26, 2012

Blind Spot by FictionFreak95
Review by Obsmama

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: All her life, Bella Swan saw things before they happened, until him. He was her blind spot. How do you stay out of someone's life when you see it flashing before your eyes on a daily basis? AH,BxE

You have me. Forever. 

Those four words speak so much to me as a reader. Because as a reader, Fictionfreak95 does have me. Forever. I adore her writing style and she's a master storyteller. I have such a personal connection to this story because I was lucky enough to be there the day the idea came her. She mentioned in passing a tv show that she was losing interest in but had sparked the idea of a psychic Bella; not necessarily the fortune teller type psychic we are use to in canon Alice, but a more modern day version. One that feels peoples pasts and futures, one that struggles to fit in her small town with the knowledge that she has. I was hooked and begging for more. Jo was still writing Meet the Masen's, so she just kept saying we’ll see. Here we are and I can’t tell you how blown away I am already, only 5 chapters in. The reason this story is already so fascinating to me is how layered her characters are, how emotionally connected I am.

His voice was low and needy, rough and sultry as he teased, "You're mine, now." 

I always was. 

The illumination of a soft glow shimmered from one of the windows as we approached our new home. I felt the anticipation of what was about to take place when he opened the door for us, whisking me up into his arms to carry me across the threshold. 

His smile was disarming. His lips even more so as they traveled along my jaw, underneath the soft curls that dangled against the back of my neck, then finally, near the upward tilted corners of my mouth. He was everywhere. 

Soft fabrics surrounded us in the bedroom. In our bed. I couldn't quite make the colors out, but they felt like deep purples and reds and sheer curtains rippled from the breeze flowing into the room as though reaching out to me.. 

Gently scented candles flickered and danced, invading my senses, romanticizing the mood. As though it needed any help. 

"I want you." 

You have me. Forever. 

The dress I'd worn was gone and his black suit as well as he hovered above me, placing soft, tender, needy kisses, much like he was following a map of some sort to my lips. 

The backs of his fingers moved lightly against hardened nipples… down along the dip between my breasts, slowing against my belly, stopping only when he found the wetness that was a direct reaction to his touch. 

To everything about him. 

Slight wrinkles appeared at the edges of his eyes when he smiled down at me and my heart wanted to burst from the intensity of what he was conveying in that smile. 

I knew him. 

Better than he knew himself. 

"I'll always protect you." 

From what? I wondered, but not for long. 

As we meet these characters, they feel like friends already. I feel comfortable with them, their life so relatable. With Edward there is such sadness but you get these fantastic flashes of happiness from him in his past, how carefree he was and its so heartbreaking to see where his life is now. So as he sets off for a tiny Louisiana town full of crazy characters. We have hope that maybe he can find some of that carefree back. I’m so excited to watch the supporting characters plot lines, as well. I know she's got some superb things worked out for them. One of the biggest characters so far for Edward is his relationship with his dead brother, Garrett, and how much it tortures him even though we don’t know why yet. This story is so full of relationships and love in all forms and we see how family (blood and and chosen) work. Bella’s friendship with Emmett might be my very favorite thing in this entire story so far.

"Yo BELL!"
I pulled the door open again and smiled at him. "What are you doing? I thought you had to cover all of Rose's shifts for the week?" 

"On a break, wanted to come by and say hi to my favorite girl." 

Emmett winked and then picked me up to twirl me around just like he had my whole life as I squealed. 

"I'm telling Rose you said that," I teased, slapping his arm when he put me down. 

"You wouldn't." 

"I totally would." 

"Bella, no." He got down on one knee and pretended to beg, kissing my hand. "Please!" 

I just laughed at the buffoon. He was so terrible, that Emmett McCarty. 

"You want dinner, I'm guessing." 

"You offering?" 

I threw my hands up and turned to go to the kitchen. "I don't understand how you own a diner, and yet come to Gran's to eat." 

He closed the front door for me. "Too much of the same food over at the diner, and besides, Gran's a better cook then me any day of the year." Then he elbowed me as he made his way past me into the kitchen and helped himself to some of Gran's leftovers. 

I sat down across from him at the kitchen table and watched him eat like he hadn't been fed since Rose left. I just had to laugh at him as I picked from his plate of fried chicken legs and mashed potatoes. 

Come on down to Madisonville, Louisiana have some catfish, a cold beer and settle in with me while Jo tells us a tale.


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    Oh holy wow! Im *so* going back and re reading this (even though I only caught up last night*. Its soooooo good :) Fabulous review for an amazing story <3

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