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April 05, 2012

Name by LitLover808
Review by Les16

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Edward Masen, recently released from parole, meets Bella Swan. As their lives intersect, he realizes he cannot seem to get the beautiful brunette out of his mind or his life. All Human with Regular Pairings.

One of the best parts about helping IndieFicPimp with reviews is when I come across a story that has so much promise I just want to run out and tell everyone to read it. You know just by reading a few words that you've stumbled across something unexpected; you read so fast because you're dying to find out what's going to happen, so fast you have to go back and read again. Your heart beats a little faster, you find yourself gasping here and there, and there might even be a few goosebumps, too. Name by LitLover808 is just such a story.

If tatted-up, lip ring wearing, attitude to spare, mysterious, bad boy Edwards are your thing, then this story is most definitely for you. It's only two chapters in and already there's a plethora of information. Edward's just been paroled. He's friends with and works with Emmett and Jasper in a tattoo shop. He has a history with his seemingly up to no good friend, at least as far as Emmett's concerned, Jake. He's trying to put his life back together when he spies Bella at the bar with her friends, Alice and Rose.

Bella's dealing with her own problems or not, as is the case. She's a teacher and her friends talk her into going out … where Edward sees her for the first time. She goes back to the same bar the next night, to meet a date, where she just so happens to cross paths with the sexy, smirking, lip ring wearing Edward. Their chemistry and instant attraction to each other is so hot, it sizzles.

Exiting the restroom, she looked down the hall and noticed a man leaning against a back wall with a cigarette hanging precariously on his lips. She stopped briefly as she took in the entirety of him: holed jeans, leather jacket, black Vans. 

He had style. And it was obvious how much muscle he was packing underneath his clothing. All she could think about was how defined his abs must be. Would they have that incredible 'V' thing happening? 

Chancing a look at his face, she saw his sculpted profile: strong jaw, long lashes, and—she squinted to get a better look. Was that a lip ring? She felt a familiar rush in her stomach as she took him in. 

She was undeniably attracted him and his messy honey blonde hair. He was a cross between James Dean and Tyler Durden. 

She'd always liked a bad boy. There was something ridiculously attractive about star-crossed lovers. The good girl and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. 

It was a fantasy. 

It was Sandy and Danny. 

It was absurd the only comparison she could think of had to do with a seventies musical. 

But dammit if she didn't love the idea of it. 

He looked over to his left, his eyes piercing hers. Her mouth was slightly ajar as their eyes locked and he slowly blew smoke out of his mouth in an impossibly sexy way. She couldn't take her eyes off of him and he knew it. She knew he knew it. 

But he wasn't taking his eyes off of her either. 

His lips curled into a smirk. A damn good smirk at that, and she had a feeling it was his trademark. A smirk like that with a face and body like his would leave any girl weak in the knees and begging for more. 

Things don't go so smooth from there, though, because it just so happens that Edward has an as of yet undisclosed past with Bella's date, who is none other than James Hunt.

And then the moment was ruined. It was ruined by the one person he would ever consider murdering in cold blood. 

James Hunt. 

James fucking Hunt. 


Why in god's name would he be here. And why in the world did he seem relieved to see her? 

He felt his body go numb with rage. He couldn't believe James has the audacity to show his face in this town again let alone the bar he knew Edward frequented. 

 I am dying to see where this new author takes this story and how all these little things she's given us already fit together. Name promises to be full of nail biting drama and some extremely hot UST. I can't wait to see what comes next! With it only being 2 chapters in, now is the perfect time for you to join me on this wild ride. I know you won't be sorry!

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  1. Sounds like a great one - thanks for the rec! <3

  1. worlddweller01 said...:

    I loved the part of the story I read...but it seems as though the author has taken the story down. I am not able to find the author's page, either.

  1. IndieFicPimp said...:

    Yes, it seems the story has been taken down which is such a shame.

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