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April 11, 2012

C'est La Vie by busybrie
Review by Maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Hollywood, 1929. Actress Bella Swan's life seems perfect, but something is missing. When she meets musician Edward Cullen in a hotel speakeasy, she discovers love despite all boundaries, but can it survive?

Set in Hollywood in 1929 with Bella as an actress and Edward as a musician, C'est La Vie by busybrie has the beginnings of a great story. There are currently four chapters posted, and the story is very well written. The prologue is written in third person, followed by two in Isabella's POV, and the next in Edward's.

Isabella Swan dreams of being an actress and has bought a one-way ticket out of Forks much to her mother's dismay. If it were up to her mother, Isabella would get the 'dream' out of her system and settle down with a nice young man for marriage and children.

 "There's still time to change your plans, Isabella," she remarked after several minutes of insufferable silence. I had been waiting for her arguments to begin again, just as they had during my morning bath, as I'd gotten dressed, and as I prepared for the journey. "But there won't be once you board that train." 

I kept my face tilted down. I couldn't look into her piercing, judgmental gaze, and the hollow way it wordlessly accused me of abandoning my family for nothing. I pushed the plate away from the edge of the table and shrugged, eyeing the valises that had been stacked in the foyer. Only a handful of minutes left. 

"I'm certain this is what I want." If I answered any more thoroughly, I was afraid I was going to crack. I had been having this argument with Mother for months, and while I knew I would win, and had won, that didn't ease my fears. The day had finally come, and I was uneasy enough without her added commentary. 

Charlie enters as her secretly supportive father. He wishes her nothing but the best and believes in her.

Isabella quickly finds that Hollywood is much more challenging than she thought it would be. She appreciates the weather, though is not a fan of the smog. She quickly starts to go on auditions but her nerves seem to get in the way when it's time for her to prove herself. She first meets Edward Masen on the way to her first audition. She is late and asks the street musician for directions.

He can immediately tell that she is of a higher social status, and feels that she's looking down upon him. He's homeless, and depends on people to put money in his cup. He also sometimes performs at speakeasies, though they are sometimes closed down unexpectedly leaving him penniless.

We quickly learn a little bit of Edward's back story. His parents are dead and Esme and Carlisle took him in. He refuses to let them take care of him anymore and vows to one day take care of them.

As I walked down the creaking stairs toward the street, I turned back to face the house. The shingles were falling from the roof while black, dirty smoke billowed from the chimney, and the chains on the window would only hold for so much longer. I sighed. I felt as if I was continually taking advantage of them. Every day, I prayed that one day I could give back everything they'd ever given me. 

Life is about to change for Isabella when actress Rosalie Hale follows her out of an audition. She encourages Isabella to audition for a role that Rosalie thinks she'd be perfect for. Will she be the next big Hollywood actress? I encourage you to start reading and find out for yourselves!


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