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April 04, 2012

The Ranch by EKSmith
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: After finding himself deep in trouble, Edward accepts an unconventional offer to attend a rehab program for troubled teens and young adults on a ranch in northern Canada. A story of growing, learning and love.

I have two teenage boys so I have a lot of experience in dealing with kids that think they know everything and push the envelope whenever possible. Fortunately for me, my kids haven’t pushed me too far, but if they did I would love to be able to find a place to send them that would give them a fresh start.

The Ranch at Swan Crossing is just that place, at least in the world of fanfiction. In this story Edward Masen is an 18 year old that has been through a lot, his parents died when he was 11 and while he has truly loving adoptive parents in Carlisle and Esme, he has chosen a path that they would prefer he gets off of quickly.

Edward is a troubled teen by definition but he isn’t too bad. He has his flaws and has decided after graduating from high school that taking some time off to party with his friends is a better use of his time. Being the loving nurturing parents that they are Carlisle and Esme begin looking into alternatives for their son, ones that will give him a second chance and set him on the right path.

The Ranch at Swan Crossing is an alternative treatment facility for young adult males facing potential incarceration or other pertinent legal difficulties due to a variety of unfavourable circumstances. Participants will engage in various types of manual and physical labour, animal grooming and training, and other various tasks as directed. Daily chores will be tended to in a timely and productive fashion. Group and one-on-one therapy sessions will be mandatory. Academic upgrading will be offered to individuals requiring such services. 

At "The Ranch" we believe that trust and respect are earned through demonstrating hard work, dedication and commitment to the rehabilitation process. Privileges such as social time, day trips away from the ranch, phone calls home, visitors, etc. are allotted based on appropriate behaviour. Failure to comply with the guidelines of "The Ranch at Swan Crossing" will result in dismissal from the program, which may result in further legal action, depending on your situation prior to entering our facilities. 

Charlie Swan is the owner and operator of The Ranch at Swan Crossing. He runs a ranch in Northern Canada that is essentially a rehabilitation facility where young men learn to work through their issues by working on his ranch. Bella is Charlie’s daughter and after trying to go to college on her own, finds that she does better sticking closer to home and helping her dad out by cooking for the guys and helping out where needed on the ranch. She has grown up around a lot of guys so she doesn’t really take much crap, and she usually doesn’t give the guys on The Ranch a shot at her at all. She meets Edward rather abruptly and things spiral on from there.

"Um, hi," I stammered, while I reached down and plucked a piece of lettuce from her lap. I don't know what made me think that touching her was a good idea, but I wasn't really thinking things through at that moment. 

"Don't!" she barked at me, while she quickly scrambled off the floor. "Watch where you're going – and grab a plate." She stomped off around the corner, leaving the salad bowl and bits of lettuce scattered across the hardwood. 

Edward and Bella have some obstacles to overcome in this story. Edward is at there to work through his issues and become the upstanding person that everyone knows he can be. Bella has a past of her own that she needs to work though so she can open up to someone like Edward. They also have to overcome the fact that he is only there six weeks and they live thousands of miles away from one another.

 With all of that, this Edward and Bella really just suck you in, you will be rooting for Edward, the cocky bad boy, from the very beginning and proud of Bella for knowing when to stand her ground. I don’t always love the younger Edward and Bella stories (well except for the originals) I think because I have teenagers, so it is hard for me to relate, but I really related with this story and was impressed as much with the EKSmith’s writing ability as I was with the storyline itself. This story deserves so much love, and I know that you will love it as much as I did.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for the review. I was looking for something new to read and this story has me intrigued now. Can't wait to start reading. =)

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