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April 18, 2011

Slaves to the Moon by Skeezon
Review by JaimeArkin
*This Story is No Longer Available* 

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Self-destructive Bella is barely existing when she encounters a troubled, tattooed Edward. They share a past she can't remember and a love he can't forget. Join them as they find each other and escape the hell that follows.

I discovered this beautifully told story completely by chance. I was immediately intrigued with Skeezon’s summary and once I read the first chapter I was addicted.  I crave a good mystery, a tale that keeps me guessing, suspicious of each new character, curious of every plot turn. Skeezon masters this well in Slaves to the Moon.

As it opens, we're introduced to a troubled Bella and a complicated Edward. Skeezon created sympathetic, layered characterizations that leave you wanting to know more about their past and motivations.

Edward leaned in to her soothing touch, feeling odd yet familiar somehow. Their eyes, locked on each other in a battle for understanding, held firm. Their breathing had become unknowingly synchronized. He felt the need to say something, but feared that it would end this ethereal moment they existed in.

"I'm Edward," he said softly, pointing to his own chest.

"Bella," she replied, almost smiling.

A long, silent moment stretched between them. It remained comfortable and unsettling. Edward's brows dipped in confusion, consideration and finally, remembrance.

"Isabella Swan?" Edward asked, his pulse racing now.

Bella, not hearing that name for so long, dropped her hand and looked down at her shoes. She didn't associate with that girl anymore, she hadn't for years. How did he know?

"I used to be," she answered, her defenses immediately at the ready. Her legs itched to flee.

"I thought you were dead," he whispered.

As we witness their meeting, it's evident this isn't the first time. We learn that Edward and Bella knew each other in what she might consider another life. They share a past, sweet milestones of youth. The relationship they once knew was ended when devastation struck and Bella was forced to move away with her father... And so begins her life altering trauma.

Skeezon’s writing is gorgeous. Her characters, emotions and images are vivid and conveyed strongly through her words. She mixes the significant past details with the present. Glimpses of their youth, Edward's love for Bella seemed like a lifetime between the painful reality of the present. Tragically, Bella is void of any past memory. Some of the most poignant passages occur as he share's that history with her...

"Tell me something that only I would know."

Her statement, taken out of context wouldn't make any sense in normal conversation, but Edward knew exactly what she meant. He looked into her shining brown eyes and thought it over. Memories flooded his mind and he scrolled through them quickly, finding the perfect one to share.

"I saved you from drowning once. We were out behind my house, walking near the riverbank, when you tripped and fell in. You were always really clumsy, so at first I didn't even think twice about it. You must have hit your head or something on the way in, because I waited a few seconds for you to come up, but you never did. I panicked and jumped in after you, somehow finding your arm beneath the water. The water was freezing and I struggled for a few minutes to drag you up onto dry land. I yelled at you, but you wouldn't answer. You weren't breathing and your lips were turning blue, so I started giving you CPR. After a few forced breaths, you started choking and sputtering water everywhere. I carried you back into my house and gave you some of my clothes while I threw yours in the dryer. We never told anyone."

Bella wiggled her toes beneath the weight of his leg and smiled.

"How did you know CPR?" she asked.

"My father is a doctor. Dr. Cullen always liked to make me a shining example of his abilities."

"Lucky me," she said.

"Lucky me," he repeated.

A comfortable silence enveloped them. Edward loved how it was so quiet here, nothing to distract them from each other. Bella sighed and looked at the clock on her wall, wondering how much longer she could have with him.

"We got into an argument the next day because you considered the CPR your first kiss and I argued that it was only a medical procedure," Edward continued, chuckling at the memory. "You were so stubborn and driving me crazy. I just had to shut you up."

"How did you?"

"I kissed you and told you that that was your real first kiss. You didn't argue."

As always in life, nothing is smooth or simple. While they learn and discover together again, their individual pasts come back to haunt. How they chose to respond and deal with the outside forces will ultimately define their future. Please don't miss this well constructed plot of mystery within a beautiful and unique Edward and Bella love story. Slaves to the Moon is currently eight chapters in, don't hesitate.

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