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April 20, 2011

Sweet Science by fanboymike
Review by phoebes.promise

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward had a simple goal. To become a successful boxer and prove his father wrong. That was until he met Cullen Gyms new Media Consultant Bella Swan. ExB AU AH Mostly canon pairings.

“Sweet Science” refers to the European tradition of schooling ‘gentleman’ in the “sciences” of sword, gun, and fist fighting. Fisticuffs, being the least lethal, was called… The Sweet Science.

First time author, fanboymike, offers a unique fictional journey into the modern boxing ring through a timeless Edward and Bella romance. The use of EPOV allows the reader to experience first hand the intensely competitive nature of the sport and the lifestyle’s impact on love.

The story opens two years in the future with dramatic images and sensory bliss of cinnamon and lavender… canvas and counting. Edward’s thoughts in the first chapter seem full of heartache. The storytelling is full of rich phrasing and palpable emotion. He reveals facts with a conversational technique. Character’s motivations and histories are uncovered purposefully through interaction and reaction.

“Boxing isn't for everyone, Edward." He turned back to face me, his expression unreadable but no longer irritated. "And with your particular skill set…" He paused again toying absently with his glasses.

I pushed aside any uncertainty I felt at this sudden shift in his demeanor. This time I wasn't interested in his bullshit.

"My skill set?" All traces of the calm I had been working gone, my ever present frustration springing back again to my defense. "I made it to the finals of the Golden Gloves tournament when I was an amateur and I won my first professional bout." I knew I didn't need to justify myself, but Carlisle had a knack for bringing out the worst in me.

Edward is a complicated man. The author bravely steers clear of the clich├ęd, infallible romantic hero. This Edward can be explosive yet gentle, he emotes honestly and deeply. Before even breaching the love story, the tenuous Cullen family dynamic is exposed. Father and son caught in a battle of wills. Edward makes a hasty decision out of frustration setting in motion a course of events that will ultimately guide his hopeful boxing career and quite possibly his personal life as well. As he tempts fate to train with an opposing gym, past demons continue to tempt and test. However, no amount of shadow boxing and sparring would prepare him for the battle within as he meets strikingly beautiful Bella Swan.

As she reached the top of the stairs she made one last sweeping glance of the gym and the most stunning deep chocolate brown eyes, hidden behind her retro oval shaped thick rimmed glasses, could be glimpsed for a moment before sliding past, leaving me standing there unseen, frozen in place.

Hired to market an image for the Cullen family gyms Bella Swan immediately consumes Edward’s being. Bella is confident, where Edward has insecurities, Bella is measured, where Edward is impetuous… together they are a toxic mix of want and need. A room number scripted on paper, a simple invitation, evolves into a fantasy realized. Edward falls fast and he falls hard.

"Are you planning on coming in?" Bella tilted her head, emphasizing the invitation.

I walked into her room on shaky legs, following silently as Bella slipped past, leading me in. I fixated on the gentle sway of her hips as she moved, afraid of saying something that might heighten the awkwardness, I wavered, uncertain.

I had felt after my win tonight that my confidence was at an all time high, but in Bella's presence I was completely undone. Unsure which way to turn, needing to know what she wanted from me. Whatever it was I wanted to give it.

Desire is realized in a perfectly told scene of lovemaking…

As we move together, I try to capture every detail; the feel of her body against mine, the way her pale skin has flushed pink, the tickle of her breath against my face as she whimpers at my touch. My fevered mind can barely hold these moments clear, distinct, combining in a whirl of senses and emotions that my body doesn't feel equipped to contain.

Promoters and patterns, skipping and speed bags, worn hand tape never seemed so sensual… At only five chapters in, Sweet Science promises to be a wonderfully weaved tale of family loyalty, professional ambition, and significant love.

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