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April 28, 2011

What if I Told You by ajsilentvoice
Review by Mehek18

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: After nearly a year, Bella finally finds a number for the Cullens in Ithaca, New York. A last minute invitation to a reunion bash at Mike Newton's, though, leaves Bella drunk, alone, and holding a cell phone. Will a stupid mistake bring them together?

Ajsilentvoice continued her entry for The PostSecret Prompt Contest. Her prompt: Drunk Dialing.

Ajsilentvoice questions: What if Bella never went to save Edward? What if Edward came back onhis own? What if Bella made a little mistake that caused all the Cullens to come back on their own?

One little phone call, a conversation only lasting a few minutes changed two people's lives. Was it fate? Or a mistake?

This one shot, continued into a multi chapter fic when the questions turned into much more.

“As if making sure she heard herself, and still trying to convince herself, she said it out loud. "It's time to move on."

Almost a year had gone by since the Cullens left after Bella's birthday. She hadn’t moved on, like Edward had predicted, but she couldn't stop living either. She daydreamed of Edward coming back. She dreamed of being the newest daughter in the Cullen family. She dreamed it all, only to have nightmares overtake her. She remembered the Cullens before they leftand the words Edward said before leaving her in the forest.

He said he'd do it, but she never believed he could. Well, he'd proven her wrong alright.

Her anger, resentment, and sadness spilled out in one drunken phone call she made to the Cullens.

"No, but I'd really...really like to talk to you. You're a...a...bastard, you know that?" She sat up straight and balled her fist at her side.

In her drunken moment, she opened up her fears of never being good enough, of never being with the Cullens again, of never seeing Edward again.

"NO! I know. I know this." She mumbled incoherently again before deciding on a memory. "You're in L.A.! You and your perfect family with your perfect life. I never fit in. You hate me, don't you? I'm not good enough."

Her slurred words were mixed with humor, about how she secretly thought Carlisle was hot, the apology she thought she owed to Jasper, the little truth she wished Rosalie knew.

Bella laughed louder. "No, you didn't! You said boobie! Carlisle Cullen said boobie!"

The only voice that made her phone call unbearable was one she she wanted to hear but couldn't stomach – his.

Then something dawned on her. She picked up the phone slowly, praying she was wrong. "Is he there? Please, tell me he's not."

The Cullen's came home, wanting their daughter back.

Every mile they flew, Edward's heart grew fuller, healthier, as if nearness to her was a healing balm. Carlisle clasped him on the shoulder, and Esme held his hand between hers.

But this time it was Bella who shut the door on them. Could they win back her love?

"I hated every day you were away. I hated every cloudy day, every song on the radio, every time I pulled into the parking lot and didn't see your car. I hated being happy because it felt wrong. I hated feeling it all, because nothing seemed real. I hated sleeping alone, I hated waking up alone, and I hated even thinking about time moving on. But you?" She sniffled. "I never hated you."

Could Edward?

Leaning his forehead against the barrier between them, he screamed his vow. "I am not giving up!"

In this little ride, Bella's and Charlie's relationship would be put to the test, with wars against family and love. The Cullen's would be confronted when it came to the little human girl who filled them with conflicting emotions. Could that simple phone call really change the path of lives?

Ajsilentvoice writes this fic with a little humor, a lot of angst, and a nice Newton? You never know what the next chapter will bring. Will it be Edward on his knees or Bella in his arms? Ajsilentvoice only starts this story with...What if I Told You...

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