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April 23, 2011

Accidental Atonement by IdPattThat
Review by MandaLyn

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Leah

Summary: Leah Clearwater considers herself a lost soul and happiness a lost cause. Will community service with the new youth pastor show her that even she deserves a second chance?

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance, no matter how scary it might be.

"What if it goes to Hell in a handbasket?" ~ "Well then the ride will be fun, won't it?"

Accidental Atonement by IdPattThat is an amazing story, serious and moving in places, but lighthearted and funny too. It's a great blend and a fun read. IdPattThat's Leah is the best one out there. She's just the right mix of funny bitch and blooming sweetheart. Her character grows throughout the chapters, engaging the reader to continue seeing the world of Forks through her eyes as she follows the road of accidental atonement.

Edward is as beautiful and perfect as we love to see him, but his character is also so real. He's been through so much and found a way to take the experience of his own hardships and help others. Fall in love with Edward all over again in this beautiful little tale of love, loss, and finding happiness where you least expected it.

Seth, Alice, Charlie, Sue, Claire, Quil, Embry, Paul, and even Jacob feature in this tale, set in Forks and First Beach. Subtle references to everything from the pack to Harry Potter to How I Met Your Mother keep you giggling when you least expect it. Even diehard canon lovers shouldn't pass this one up. It's too much fun to miss!


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