Amber1983's Rec of the Week: 4/30/12

April 30, 2012

Feisty in Four Inch Heels by MarLea Pie
Review by Amber1983

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: I organize Events for a living; Weddings are a different kind of hell. Try planning a wedding when the brother of the bride is an infuriating, arrogant, breathtaking man, constantly at odds with your opinion…evil in Armani. God help me, I wanted more…

Less than two chapters in, I knew I simply had to choose Feisty in Four Inch Heels as my debut review for Indie Fic Pimp. MarLea Pie’s well-written tale of fun, fashion and the filthiest-talking Edward you’ll ever encounter has captured my heart, and lead to me consuming all 14 posted chapters in mere days.

Sassy and sexy, event planner Bella gets more than she bargains for when she stumbles upon the stunning Edward playing piano alone in the dark at one of her regular venues. After a rocky first meeting the pair experience one of the hottest slow dances I’ve ever read:

The piece ended but we remained wrapped in each other. His fingers at my back had splayed his pinky almost, but not quite teasing, a smidge too low, for a bit too friendly contact. Don't get me wrong – I wasn't complaining, especially since I was close to outright fondling the hair at the nape of his neck. 

Our breaths mingled. I could almost feel the air around us steaming; it was intense with him so close. 

I felt possessed by him. 

His beauty, his harshness. 

His voice, his fingers. 

His movement, his laughter. 

His scent, the scent of his breath, the breath that came from his lips, the lips I wanted to taste. 

And Taste. 

 And Taste. 


I willed myself to concentrate. The look in his eyes reflected mine. 

 Lust and Want. 

My gaze fell to his mouth and my lips parted, the tip of my tongue barely escaping. I couldn't look directly at him, I would pounce for sure. 

Things get complicated when Bella discovers that Edward is in fact the brother of her biggest client, and apparently off limits. The push and pull of their UST is truly captivating; in every scene you know that they are only moments away from giving in to their desires, and their verbal sparring is merely foreplay.

MarLea’s writing style flows beautifully, making FiFIH truly a pleasure to read, whilst her vivid imagery has you feeling every single moment alongside her characters:

It was like I had never been kissed; kissing before this was nothing, menial, not even a blip on the radar of what he was giving me now. They shouldn't even have been considered kisses. What he was doing to me now, this was better than any caress I had ever read, watched or dreamed of. He was achingly delicious. My fingers threaded through his soft sexy hair and I angled my head slightly, thrusting my tongue deeper into his warm mouth, hungry for him, hungry for more. More, please let me have more… 

I love that this story is set in Canada, and the best part about this is that Edward speaks French - and boy does he speak it! Dirty talking Edward is my kryptonite and juicy morsels like this had me truly tingling:

"I want to fuck your mouth. I want to watch your beautiful lips wrap around my cock. And when I cum - because you're going to make me cum Isabella - I want you to swallow." 

MarLea clearly knows her stilettos from her Mary Janes and it's so refreshing to find a Bella who loves fashion and looking great and doesn't only want to slop around in her Converse. I adore the way MarLea artfully runs this theme throughout, and uses it to complement the plot rather than detract from it:

"His nearness made every inch of me fill with warmth; the things his voice could do to my body alone had me trembling in my BCBG Booties."
There is another scene that may just be the sexiest moment I've ever witnessed in a shoe store.

It's very easy to fall in love with these two. Edward is sexy and kind with just the right amount of arrogance, whilst Bella is strong, funny and not afraid of going after what she wants. Interesting turns of phrase like "my heart liquefied in my chest" and "Did she break me, even before she could fix me?" make this story really stand out.

Their interactions will certainly have your heart racing, both from the emotion and the incredible sex scenes; some of the best citrus I've seen in a long while:

Then his mouth enveloped my right peak, nipping it between his teeth as his fingers pinched and lengthened the other and it was there, the spark, except it wasn't a spark anymore, it was a flame, it was a fire, and it was growing, overtaking me, spreading through my body from deep deep deep inside my belly, to my legs, to my chest, to the tips of my fingers, and the tips of my toes, and I rode him, overtook him and I felt him watch me let go… 

"Yes, baby, cum for me, I want it, I want you…" he growled, then his teeth scraped at the sensitive skin of my neck right below the lobe of my ear and grazed down until he hit the spot where my neck met my shoulder and he bit, and I couldn't feel pain, only outstanding pleasure, and it was enough to break skin, enough to show me he owned me, and I was there, over the peak, soaring, exploding, like never before. 

The supporting characters in FiFIH definitely shouldn't be overlooked either, from Rosalie and Emmett's hilarious meddling to Seth as Bella's adorable brother, and not forgetting the creepy Royce, they are all fantastically drawn.

MarLea Pie has exceptional writing ability and a great storyline. The heartfail of the prologue has left me anxious for the future of her characters but I have every faith in her abilities to reach a brilliant conclusion. From the lush lemons to the language to the Louboutins, this is a roller coaster ride you won't want to miss.


  1. Damn I'm reading it and this still made me want to run and read it right away!! Great review Amber and MarLea's FiFIH is too die for!!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh Amber, fabulous review, that makes me want to go and read it now.

  1. ElizabethMC said...:

    Your rec makes me so happy. I adore this B & E. Their chemistry is off the charts:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Amazing review Amber. Absolutely loved it. MarLea is a FANTASTIC writer. Love all her work. I will be the first to buy her book WHEN she gets published. Everyone should be reading this story. Cannot wait for her to post more.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Amber, you make me want to kick off my stilettos and dance under the moonlight!
    I send you endless love from across the ocean.
    Thank you for your amazing review. I am truly humbled and unworthy.
    Love love love to my Brit gurl <3

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