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December 02, 2011

Stolen Secrets & Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ
Review by TennesseeLamb

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: A NYC barman views his mind reading as an isolating cancer, until he meets a lonely 28yr old trying to escape her sad reality. His life is full of harsh lessons. Hers an uphill battle, so she never complains when a beautiful boy treats her badly. EXB AH

If Tom Cruise had Renee Zellweger at “Hello”, then FoxxyJ had me at “No ripping foil packets!” That’s right, I was pulled into this story on the sole fact that I would not have my (yes, MY) lemon interrupted with a frigging condom PSA. Now, before you write me off or make an even bigger mistake and forgo this story because of your moral obligations to safe sex, you might want to take a peek at this fic and stake your claim as an early reader because it is about to take off like the Space Shuttle.

The premise is a truly unique twist on Edward’s mind-reading capabilities and the barriers he creates to keep people and their thoughts at bay. He is still our favorite tortured soul, but he has a playfulness that carefully masks his pain. FoxxyJ has an imagination like no other, taking the characters we love and turning them into people we want to meet. Most of her story takes place in Edward’s bar named BE Bar. Edward and Jasper are stars in a nightly show at the Manhattan BE Bar, asking their patrons to follow three simple rules:

1. Leave your troubles at the door. (You quickly find out why this is the Golden Rule of Be Bar.)
2. Address the staff by name. (I ask you, when is a name just a name?)
3. Just be. (This is harder than it seems, for us and for Bella.)

The moment Bella steps into BE Bar, she grabs our attention with her mind chatter and stream of consciousness. She is a young lady with a lot on her mind and it is taking its toll on her spirit. However, buried beneath the worry and stress is a simple romantic soul in need. Specifically, Bella is in need of change for the pay phone and an orgasm. Sounds simple enough, right?

"I want you to follow the rules." 

"I can't. They're too hard," she admitted, although it pained her to do so. 

"Ah, finally you're being honest. That's a start. Thank you." He leaned with his arms folded on the bar, bringing him down to her height. She could look him right in the eye. 

"I'll make you a deal then. I'll loan you the quarters. You have to bring them back here tomorrow night after work, but before I do, I want you to think about what you want. What would you like right now to make you feel happy and free? Maybe it's something I can give you—maybe not—but I want you to think about it. Deal?" 

Bella had to agree that this deal was a lot easier than what she had been expecting. At his words, she felt a sense of relief and wanted to try what he had suggested. 

"Deal. I'll bring the quarters back tomorrow night." 

"Good. Close your eyes." His smooth voice and the unusual ambiance of the place made it easy to do. Bella closed her eyes and held onto the brass railing to steady herself. 

"Now, think about the one thing that would make you feel alive and free right now. Anything you desire, if everything were possible." 

At the mention of the word desire, Bella's sexual thoughts reared again. She loved his voice. It was gentle on her ears, and she wondered if he could sing, too. Quieting her mind, she thought about what she wanted right now. 

What would end the day from hell on a good note? 

What do I want? 

Oh God, yes, an orgasm. 

But how… 

Oh, from him. Yes, from this annoying sexy stranger. He can give me one and the quarters. 

But where… 

Somewhere I'd never do it. Where? Just be… Just feel… 

Oh, yes, here…on the bar…in public…with his tongue. 

Trust me. You want to know how Edward sees this image in Bella’s mind and what it forces him to do. FoxxyJ’s Edward doesn’t just read minds, that implies a choice. It is more like he lives in a room of powered up TV’s - some muted and some with the volume up to deafening levels, leaving Edward forced to live with distractions. His trust and vulnerability are tightly guarded under a mask of games and parlor tricks. This story is not just generic fic with witty banter and steamy lemons. It is a story you want to go on forever because it pulls you away from your everyday routine, allowing a few moments of escape while reminding you that love and acceptance is all we really want in this life. Its immediate draw reminds me of a book I picked up a few years ago about a high school girl who falls in love with a vampire.

I suggest you block out several hours and put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door. This story is going to keep you up all night. FoxxyJ keeps your mind engaged with the carefully constructed plot line and your libido humming with the spicy lemonade served up at BE Bar. Currently, Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams is 9 chapters, which is just enough to make you sleep deprived for two days, but not nearly enough to satisfy your craving for more. FoxxyJ updates regularly and her author’s notes deserve their own reviews! I have been reading fan fiction for two years and I am uber picky about what I read. Life is too short and time is too precious for recycled story lines or sloppy lemons.  Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams is worth letting the laundry pile up on the couch and settling for that B- instead of the A. This is not a story to be put on your “to be read” list. This is a “drop everything and run right now” story that will end up in the Fic Hall of Fame.

There are many Edwards in fic archives and but only a few epic ones - Fifty, Penny, Ned, Dick,...ladies, meet Sugarlips.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Foxxy is such a lovely girl & we just read out this rec to her- she is sitting here rather overwhelmed & we are all thrilled for her.

  1. TennesseeLamb said...:

    I am so glad someone thinks that I did Sugarlips justice!!! It deserves more!!! o

  1. TennesseeLamb said...:

    I am so glad someone thinks that I did Sugarlips justice!!! It deserves more!!! o

  1. miss bliss said...:

    I've been soo enjoying this story! If anyone needs more people rec'ing this count me in! Chapter 10 really gets intense! Totally sucked me in from day 1 though!

  1. JSVaughn said...:

    I freakin' love Sugerlips!!

    Where the heck is Beautiful Bastard in you hall of fame?

  1. JSVaughn said...:

    I freakin' love Sugerlips!!

    Where the heck is Beautiful Bastard in you hall of fame?

  1. JSVaughn said...:

    I freakin' love Sugerlips!!

    Where the heck is Beautiful Bastard in you hall of fame?

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