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December 01, 2011

Compulsions by MissKingAtYourService
Review by LadyTazz7

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Carlisle & Bella

Summary: Fate seems to have thrown these two together. Will one explosive night of sex be enough or will destiny bring them closer? Can a relationship develop among the shambles of both of their lives? OOC, AH.

Most people are aware that I’m helplessly in love with Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle/Bella is my favorite pairings to read. And write. When I came across Compulsions, I was instantly lost in the story. MissKingAtYourService takes you on a wild and amazing ride. This is a must read for any Bella/Carlisle lover.

We begin with Bella’s friends taking her out for a night on the town to a Swinger’s Club to make sure she gets laid.

(From chapter 1) 

Staring into the mirror, I cringed as my hair was tugged and teased into a tangled mess. Or as Alice and Rose would argue; sex hair. My eyes had never stood out so much, the black eyeliner framing my chocolate eyes, and black glitter eye shadow finished the look. I was going to look like a call girl. 

"Oh, Bella, you're gonna get so much attention, whoever gets you is one lucky guy," Rose beamed. 

Crap. "What if I get a fat middle-aged psycho?" 

"Um, well, you could just close your eyes and fantasize again. After all, that's what you're good at." 

"Shut up, Alice, this is serious. I can't believe I let you talk me into this." 

"Look, Bella, you'll be fine. This is just about sex, and you don't have to be attractive to be good in bed." 

Shrugging, I turned back to the mirror, "Okay, so what am I gonna wear? I could wear my little black dress." 

While across town Carlisle is getting ready to confront his cheating wife at the very same Swinger club.

(From chapter 1) 

Grabbing the package from the P.I, I pulled the contents out, splaying them over the desk. She had been with five different men that I knew of. I had to go to the club, to confront them, to find her. Looking through them, I found the name of the place; The Sleepy Hollow. How nice. 

Searching on the internet, I found the place she had been visiting. It was described as a place for couples to relax and socialize. Yeah right, my wife was apparently socializing with everyone she could get her claws into. Scribbling down the address, I stood and walked to the window. 

I had thought I was enough for her sexually, but obviously I was not. 

So, we have two lost souls going to a swingers club for completely different reasons.

(From chapter 1)

My breath caught in my throat when I came face to face with the girl standing there. She was stunning, her hair tousled beautifully, her deep brown eyes staring into mine. She looked so innocent. She was wearing a black trench coat that fell just above the knee, and her legs went on for miles, finished off with red stilettos.

Her attire screamed sex. However, her eyes betrayed her. She looked like a frightened deer caught in the headlights. What the hell was she doing here? 

(From chapter 2) 

Staring at the talk, dark, and handsome man in the doorway, I didn't know whether to run away and hide or to introduce myself. What was I supposed to say? 'Hey, my name's Bella and I'm here to fuck anything that moves. Maybe that would be a little too forward. 

"I'm here for the um..." 

A smile spread across his face at the sight of my blushing cheeks. Giving a slight smile back, I stepped inside, my eyes still glued to his bright blue eyes. 

"You could call it a party?" 

I nodded instantly, accepting his polite suggestion. And to think I had been worried about meeting a middle-aged man. I was extremely happy to have met him; age didn't matter when you looked as good as that. The rough-handed Mike shoved me hard with his bony shoulder, scowling at him. His eyes flickered from me to the handsome door man. 

"Oh, this is Mike, he's, friend." 

The man before me nodded sternly toward Mike, "It's nice to see someone with such manners." His voice was soft yet stern. Blushing lightly, I smiled as I saw the anger growing on Mike's face. Nobody had ever stuck up for me like that before, and he didn't even know me. Perhaps chivalry wasn't dead after all. 

Muttering something under his breath, Mike stormed off in the direction of the low music. Glancing around, I didn't know where to put myself. Deciding I should probably go with Mike, I turned to the man, "It was nice meeting you...?" 

"Carlisle. And you?" 

"Bella." I nodded before turning and walking down the hall. 

I love this Bella, she is bolder and more confident than many I read. There are no words to describe how in love I am with this Carlisle, he is just sex on legs.

(From chapter 2) 

Turning, I saw that Carlisle was following me as I made my way to the stairs before stopping and tugging the horrible shoes from my sore feet. He let out another heartwarming laugh as he grabbed my shoes and helped to steady me up the stairs. "I should feel guilty taking an inebriated young woman up to a hotel room." 

Flushing, I tried to concentrate on my feet and keep my mind out of the gutter. If I analyzed it too much, I would end up backing out of it. Checking the key, I looked for our room; number thirteen, unlucky for some, but not for me. Fumbling around with the lock, Carlisle seemed to notice I was having a hard time, so he took the key from me. Opening the door, he allowed me to go in first. 

Before I could lose my nerve, I pulled the belt free and pushed the coat over my shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor, revealing my outfit for the evening. Turning to meet Carlisle's expression, I let a sultry smile spread across my face. His eyes grew wide as he dropped my shoes and the key to the floor. 

Can a chance meeting a swinger club be more than a one night stand? Read this amazing, sexy story and find out. Compulsions is 10 chapters in and let me tell you, MissKingAtYourService keeps you on toes, and she leaves you wanting more! Tazzy gives this story 2 thumbs up!!


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