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September 09, 2011

Divine Providence by Ayah Papaya
Reviewed by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: T
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was no ordinary human. The last of her kind had disappeared over 90 years ago. Can Edward help Bella reconnect with her past, and overthrow the Volturi? Can they restore order to the vampire world?

Divine Providence is a thrilling, suspenseful, alternative universe, Vamp Story, that will grab your attention from the prologue and hold on until the very end.

This story spins a tail of an old world vampire culture that is demolished and its only hope of resurrection relies on two people born 100 years apart. It begins with a prophecy in the year 1673, seen by Marie Chevalier, whose powers are like no other.

"My Lady?" He called, smiling weakly as he took her two hands in his. What she allowed him to see frightened him. The Underworlds, all of them, left abandoned and destroyed. Obviously ravaged by war, these once thriving communities were little more than pulverized stone, covered in a thick layer of vampiric ash. 

"I see the fall of our kind, dearest Aro." Her voice was hollow, as if it were coming from another part of the vast throne room. Her expression was devoid of all emotion, and he clutched her hand tighter, to ferret out more of Her thoughts. He saw nothing that She didn't want him to see, and that moment became the most terrifying moment of his un-life. "There is but one to bring balance to our people, and she is not yet born in this life." 

"How can you be sure, Marie? Can a single woman truly bring balance to our race? When will she come to defeat the Romanians?" 

Her waxen eyes looked to the horizon. Her voice was vacant; not her own. "She shall be 'bone of my bones; flesh of my flesh'. I shall bear her into existence when I find the one with the flaxen eyes." 

After her vision she seeks out none other than Carlisle Cullen a young pastor at the time, who practices the vegetarian lifestyle and counsels those in need of spiritual guidance. He becomes the only other vampire that knows of Marie’s true vision. Not only is he truly trustworthy, with no ulterior motives, but he will sire one of the Vampire’s that will save them all.

Bella Swan is a 25-year-old teacher with extreme intelligence. She helps out a local Washington area TV station with their version of Ghost Hunters during her summers. Her latest job brings her to Ireland where she meets her future in one Edward Cullen.

He held out his hand for me to shake. A well-mannered murderer; how refreshing! "Hello," He said politely, gently curling his fingers around my hand. "I'm Edward. Edward Cullen." He flipped my hand smoothly over, and kissed the top. Smooth fucker. "What's your name, Miss?" The stinging in my eyes lessened, but now my vision felt funny—different, as if I had been dosed with Novocaine. I could somehow see much clearer, and wondered if I really needed my flashlight, at all. In adulthood, I had always had superior eyesight; I guess I just acclimated to the absolute darkness quicker than I thought. 

"Bella." I gave him a lazy half smile, and shook the cobwebs from between my ears, before launching into interrogation mode. "Do you have a permit to be here, Mr. Cullen? I thought Mike arranged to have this place cleared out until early Monday morning." He raised his hands in a sign of surrender, and gave me his most reassuring smile. 

Edward was sired by Carlisle in the early 1900’s as our original story tells us, however in this version he is made aware of the role he will play in the prophecy early on and because of it becomes more of a loner than we are used to as he waits to meet his one true, love—his soul-mate. While Edward and Bella are always meant to be, this story prophesies it more than 300 years before Edward is even born.

The connection between Edward and Bella is immediate as is their dedication to helping the prophecy that will save all vampire kind. This story gives us an older more mature Edward and Bella, which is always great to see. It also introduces us to new characters and different outlooks that we have never seen before.

Divine Providence is basically complete with the last full chapter posted; we are just waiting on an epilogue, and let me say I wish that Ayah would post it already (hint, hint). Ayah, is in the process of going back and polishing the story up but really it is truly a well written and captivating tale that I know you will very much enjoy.


  1. Ayah Papaya said...:

    I can't tell you how excited I was, when I logged onto facebook, and saw my story on my news feed!

    Thank you SO much to anyone who recc'd, read, and reviewed my story. It means so very much to me for it to be featured by such a well-read blog.

    And to AnonymouslySufferingfromOCD,your words brought me so much happiness and joy. Thank you for thinking of me.

    <3 Ayah

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