Camilla10's Rec of the Week: 9/26/11

September 27, 2011

No Fate but What We Make by angel eyes1 UK
Review by Camilla10

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Family
Characters: Renesmee C./Nessie & Alec

Summary: Post-Breaking Dawn, a thirteen-year-old Renesmee sneaks away after her second senior prom to find Jake, and finds him doing something that shatters her dream of happily ever after. Nessie runs away, only to come across a young bad boy vampire in the forest. Can she find the freedom, love, and understanding she wants? And at what cost? 

"Your father found your purse and Jasper found the body. At least you hid him well." Alice pauses and I can't think of anything to say in reply. "It seems they aren't the only ones following you, Nessie. You need to come home right now—the Volturi are following your trail, too." 

This is Alice, awfully worried, trying to convince the errant Nessie to come home. Shattered by Jacob’s behavior, the Cullens’ most precious jewel has run away, and is befriended by Alec. Unfortunately, encouraged by the company she is keeping, Nessie has already killed.

She is horrified at herself and very afraid to face her family. What poor Nessie doesn’t know is that Alec isn’t just a young nomad, as she believes—he is a trusted member of the Volturi, and has a dark agenda that concerns her. Nessie might have sharp teeth, but she is the lamb in this situation.

Angel Eyes1 uk (Leanne Golightly) writes in a way that scares me. She fearlessly explores the reality of vampires, and, you know, vampires are not bunnies–the Volturi even less so—but once you enter into one of her stories, you are captured.

In the chapters written so far we also learn many details of Alec’s (and Jane’s) past. A terrible past, which at least explains, if it does not justify, why the Evil Twins are the way they are. And you cannot help but feel pity for them. This is how their agony is described:

Through my coughs, I beg her not to do this—that I don't want to have to see her burn first before it's my turn. She is doing a good job and the flames are avoiding me completely, though the black smoke is getting thicker and choking me. Through my watering, stinging eyes, I see a twisted smile play on her face, and then it gets too painful to see anything. 

At this point of the story we don’t know what exactly Alec’s plans are, or what his mission is. He is bored by Nessie, and everything he says to her is a lie—plus, he is also very rude. Consider this: he was changed at a much earlier age than Edward was (and certainly wasn’t educated by Carlisle)-- he is ancient, but is at the same time an early teen, almost a pre-teen boy and wonderfully so. As such, young women haven’t a great appeal for him. For now.

But due to the author’s ability, we also feel that a change is slowly happening inside this flawed Alec & Nessie relationship.

Look, for instance, at this text exchange between Alex and his sister:

I look down at my phone and see that Jane has replied again. “Well, do it as quickly as possible. How is Renesrat Cullen? Send her my regards.” Jane ends her message with a smiley, and I can picture her actual expression. For some reason, I'm not finding the humor where I would normally. 

“She's okay. Wait until I bring her back to Volterra and you can give her your regards yourself—but be nice. She's not really as bad as I thought she would be. She reminds me of you.” 

So, a reader like me (one who thinks that the Twilight saga is about redemption, that is) starts hoping. Hoping that somewhere there is a possibility of redemption, even for Alec. Well, what more can I tell you? Read it, and you’ll be biting your nails like I do, waiting for the next update.


  1. Raum said...:

    Thank you Camilla for recommending such a good story and for your amazing review!

    I've already had the pleasure to meet Angel Eyes1 (Leanne Golightly), who is a talented author, but your review makes me even more fascinated by the story.

    Congrats also the IndieFicPimp for their website and their great fic recs! :)

    - Raum

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