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September 29, 2011

I'm In Here by Adair7
Review by Tianiichan

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Drama
Characters: Edward

Summary: Edward and Rosalie have a symbiotic relationship until Emmett returns to school. Now Edward is on his own, left to struggle with new relationships, his identity, and his sexuality. Edward/Jasper, Edward/Bella, AH-AU, M

I've been reading Twilight fanfiction for a few years now. I have, in fact, read so many stories that sometimes I have difficulty separating one from the other. Plots cross, characters blend, places mix. . .sometimes, though, I'll come across a piece of fiction that just sticks with me. I don't forget a moment of it, the name of the story, or the author. Adair7 is one of those, as is their stories. I'm In Here is no different.

Maybe it's the fact that the summary mentions Edward and Rosalie. Maybe people see that and don't read any further. I hear of so many in our fandom that do not wish to read anything other than canon pairings, so this reason is, to me, most obvious. It's there at the end, though – Edward/Jasper, Edward/Bella. Again, there's another pairing other than just Edward and Bella, so maybe that's why? Because, for the life of me, I can't understand why this story has so few reviews.

It has pretty much anything you could ask for – a slow burn, a canon pairing, pretty boys, and a non-annoying Alice. Of course, that's only a few things. To find them all, you just need to read for yourself. But why should you? That's the question, isn't it?

It's true that much of the story thus far does have to do with Edward and Rosalie's relationship, or, the change in it, to be more exact. As we enter the story, we find that Edward and Rosalie are pretty much inseparable. They're in high school, which is confusing and lonely enough, and lean on each other. They are so close, that most of the school believes them to be a couple. They don't correct anyone, instead they let the student body make their own assumptions, and it works just fine for them.

I had nothing to gain by owning up to my unsoiled virtue, but I was always shocked that Rosalie had gone along with it. She'd eventually admitted to allowing the rumors to persist as a means of keeping the lowly potential suitors at bay. Despite Olympia Academy being the most prestigious private school in the Pacific North West, there was a notable amount of classless boys residing within its walls. Using me as a shield to protect her from their hormones seemed to be worth the price of being identified as my girlfriend. I also suspected, though Rosalie would never admit to it, that she believed in waiting until marriage and doing things traditionally – an idea that didn't really fly in Olympia's halls of debauchery, popular or not. 

So everything's all fine and dandy. Everything's going perfectly for the two of them, until a certain blue-eyed, dimple-cheeked, handsome Emmett McCarty swoops in and steals Rosalie's attention. She begins pulling away from Edward and their friendship – at least so far as Edward chooses to believe – which opens the door for Jasper Whitlock to befriend our dear Edward.

Jasper seems to be just what Edward needs to take his mind off of the crack in his friendship with Rosalie. He's laid back, witty, he takes none of Edward's shit, and he provides Edward with distractions in the form of alcohol, cigarettes, and mind-altering drugs. When the two decide to take the pills together. . .interesting things happen.

My skin tingled like ice beneath his touch. He was the ice to my fire and I could feel our elements duel on the surface of my too-sensitive skin. My heart raced in my chest, pounding with the thrills of sensation. I thrived beneath the touch of ice as it stroked my face, tugged at my hair, pulled me close and wrapped around me. 

Jasper spoke again and I smile in response to the noise, but I still wasn't listening. I gasped as the sensations crushed against my lips and gave in to the growing desire to push back. 

Somewhere my mind registered that I was kissing, that this motion, this game of give and take, was a kiss, but I pushed it below the surface and only felt.

Edward wakes up in a cloud of confusion, one that only grows larger as he realizes exactly what he and Jasper did, and exactly how much he liked it.

And then – because poor Edward wasn't lost enough – a new girl starts school. Really, Edward could care less about a new girl. He could care less about the buzz running rampant through the halls about her. He could care less about anything except being left alone. So when the only empty seat in AP Biology – the seat next to Edward – is suddenly occupied by her, well, he pretty much hates her on sight.

I frowned, realizing my extra leg space and independence were about to end. The seat next to me was the only free seat in the room, and judging by the way she stood beside the table, she was actually intending to sit in it. Before I could gather my wits and collect my things, she made an annoyed sound in the back of her throat and glared at me silently. At least I was fairly certain she was glaring, I had avoided eye contact, sulking moodily about my loss of privacy as I scooped up my books and pulled my legs back over to my side of the table. She sat down quickly, as if worried I'd reclaim her side of the table if she didn't act quickly to occupy it herself. 

There's something about her, though, and Edward can't let it go. His little world has been turned upside down, and then flipped on its axis. Edward has a long road ahead of him in order to figure what he really wants, and if it's really what is best for him. Will Edward figure out who he really wants? Will his friendship with Rosalie completely crumble? So many questions, but the only way to get the answer is to read. Well, and enjoy – I know you will.


  1. Adair said...:

    Thanks so much for recommending "I'm In Here"!!!

    It's really appreciated. Also, I didn't have internet for a while, but I have it again and intend to update a lot more often.


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