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September 13, 2011

Worth the Burn by My-Bella & eternally addicted
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: A night of Halloween trickery & secrets leads to some unexpected treats for Bella. Will this night of debauchery be a one time occurrence? Or will Bella & Edward risk the burn and attempt a relationship? Rated "M" for mature language & situations.

In the story Worth the Burn, My-Bella, author of the Vampire Bella Trilogy, Life’s Little Choices and Our Little Man, teams up with Eternally Addicted, author of The Game That Changed It All and Truth, Lies, and Alibis, to write the best snarky Bella you have ever met.

I have read Worth the Burn twice, once while it was in process, and again a short time ago when it was completed. Both times it completely captivated me. The dynamics of each relationship in this story are amazing as are all of the emotions that you feel throughout. The characters are not only devoted to their significant others, but to each other and all of their loved ones.

The story, which is mostly from Bella’s point of view, introduces us to a twenty-one year old college sophomore, Bella, who is snarky and a touch foul-mouthed. Okay, maybe more than a touch, but it is part of what makes this Bella so different from many others and so much fun as well. Not only is she sarcastic and funny, she also loves completely and is fierce in all that she does. Especially when it comes to protecting those she loves.

Bella has been through a lot in her short life. Her mother left her when she was young, and because of that it is hard for her to trust people. Then add to that some teenage angst and rebellion and you have someone that has learned the hard way to protect herself and her heart.

The Cullens include the siblings, fraternal twins Emmett and Edward, and little sister Alice, along with their completely devoted and loving parents Carlisle and Esme. Next we have Charlie, who is Bella’s daddy through thick and thin, and Jake who is like a little brother to her. Finally, throw in Bella’s loyal group of friends Rose, Jazz, and Bree and you have a big, happy, uniquely put together, but completely loving, family.

The dynamics of the group are rounded out with Alice being Bella’s best friend who has been there with her through all of her good times and bad. Emmett, who refers to her as his sister from another mother, is her protector, comic relief and partner in crime. Jasper is her emotional support, he is the one that can calm the storm when needed and Rosalie is her big sister and confidant whenever needed.

Edward is the one Cullen that has always just been there on the sidelines never really getting along with B. However, that doesn’t mean he has never noticed her. In fact he is very much aware of her. Things begin to change as we meet our favorite fictional characters when Alice decides to throw a Halloween party as only Alice can do—costumes, ghost hunt, the whole shebang.

"Time to partner up for the spooky ghost hunt," Alice called out. For a small girl, she had one hell of a voice on her. 

"Alice, I haven't had my drink and I seem to have lost my dog," I said, looking all over for Jake. You'd think a six foot tall guy in a dog costume would be easy to spot. 

"Here's your drink," Edward said, passing me an orange plastic cup. "As for Fido, he must not know Jessica's reputation because he left with her." 

"Edward, you'll be Bella's partner then," Alice ordered, handing him the pad and pencil we were supposed to use to mark down our ghostly sightings. I didn't understand why Alice still found this fun, but I'd pretty much play any game to make that girl happy. 

"Is that alright with you, Bella?" Edward asked, actually looking me in the face. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen his green eyes straight on this way. They were a really nice emerald color and framed by long, dark lashes. Standing this close to him, I could see features from both Esme and Carlisle so clearly; her eyes, lashes, brows, and lips with his chin, cheek structure, and nose. 

"It's fine," I said with a shrug. 

Bella quickly learns there is more to Edward or as Bella loves to call him, the cheesy Cullen, than she ever realized. Before long she discovers they are actually quite compatible in a lot of ways. Although Bella doesn’t open up easily because she has been burned before, she realizes that Edward may just be worth it.

One of my favorite things in this story is that instead of jumping head first into their relationship, like in so many other fics, Bella and Edward really take their time getting to know one another, much like you would in a normal relationship. While there is plenty of love and happy times to be shared by these two, there is also some drama. Because of Bella’s trust issues and Edward who can be a big dumb man that is hopelessly in love and so afraid of doing something wrong, there are some rough patches for our favorite couple. I wouldn’t classify this story as angsty, but there are some issues that this couple will have to face along the way. I personally think that the trials and issues that they face helps to make the story more real and also makes the love they have and all the dreams they fulfill together so much more worth it.

As I said the dynamics of all of the relationships are amazing. You will grow to love each and every character more than you ever have before. The dynamics between Edward and Bella are even more amazing, now that Bella has finally found a person that can not only take all of the crap she throws at him, but dish it right back.

"I wasn't too bitchy to you, was I?" I asked. 

He smiled and lifted my free hand to his lips, kissing the back of it. "Not even a little." 

"Are you lying?" I asked. He chuckled against my skin, his green eyes the brightest shade of green I'd seen yet. "Slightly misappropriating the truth." 

"A boyfriend who not only fixes me coffee, but sweetly lies about my just-waking-up attitude. I have hit the dating lotto," I joked. 

He rolled his eyes at me and set my hand back on the bed. "Finish your coffee and get your lazy self out of bed so I can take you to the coffeehouse for breakfast." 

I snorted at his attempt to be demanding. "Who the fuck died and made you king?" 

I should probably warn you that Worth the Burn is a long one, it is over seven hundred thousand words on and even longer on TWCS. I highly recommend reading over at TWCS as it includes all of the juicy lemons for you to enjoy. gives you the cleaner version of the two. My-Bella and Eternally Addicted are a great team and are currently working on another story together, which promises to be even better than this one, although I may be a bit biased because of the subject. I hope you will give Worth the Burn a try, I promise you it is completely worth the read.


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