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September 23, 2011

Confessions by morethanmyself
Review by SammieLynnsMom

Rating: M
Genre: Friendship/Angst
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: They've been best friends almost their whole lives. Bella has been his fierce protector; Edward has been her safe haven. Can their friendship survive his changing feelings and her screwed up past? What happens when she forces him to walk away?

"Bella, all you have to do is ask me to stay and I will." Please, please ask me to stay. 

"You have to go, Edward. Your life is waiting, everything is waiting for you. She is waiting for you." 

I could see the tears she was holding back, her slightly too pink cheeks betraying her emotions, and her breath stuttered minutely on the exhale. Our almost 17 years of friendship allowed me to see the chinks in her carefully constructed armor. To anyone else, she was as calm and collected as always, the mask firmly in place. 

"I love you, Bella. I'll always love you." 

"I know," she said sadly, as she kissed my cheek, gave me one last tight hug and walked away. 

When I first read the story Confessions by morethanmyself, the first thing that stuck out to me was how every word mattered. Even the title of her chapters hold meaning as they help tell the story that revolves around what happens each time Edward tells Bella that he loves her.

Confessions opens up with a prologue that will immediately pull you in. It’s obvious that the characters, Edward and Bella, are close, perhaps even closer than either realize. As each chapter unfolds, we learn that these two best-friends grew up together, formed a bond most of us wouldn’t understand, but, while Edward is the sensible and responsible person, Bella fears she’s destined to be like her flighty mother for the rest of her life.

Eventually, as this pair grows up, we see Edward attempting to move on to better his life, while Bella believes that by letting him go, she’s set him free. The readers eventually meet the character Kate, who takes up residence in Edward’s life, and, in one of the few fics twists, I actually felt sorry for her. While our fandom is known to throw any non-canon pairing under the bus, even if it’s only temporary, my heart hurt for Kate as she realizes she can never be in first place. When reality eventually comes crashing down on Bella, we learn how she comes to grips with who she is versus who she thought she was. And, just how Edward learns to trust Bella again.

I recommend everyone reads Confessions. It’s angsty, well-written, and complete. Morethanmyself has even included an outtake at the end that delves into the future, leaving the story a completely fulfilling experience to read!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I always love E&B character of true love story and iam not sorry for Kate character or other women character.

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