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September 19, 2011

Lights by truthinvienna
Reviewed by phoebes.promise

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: It's shocking how fast your life can change. Happiness is fleeting, it's true. Dancing was my freedom, now it's a mere memory. A bad memory I can't escape. All I'm left with is insurmountable guilt and a pair of pointe shoes. 

Lights, by first time author, truthinvienna, is a beautiful, quiet love story full of life’s truth and tragedy. A poignant blend of loss and hope weaves through important moments of growth and discovery. The open and backstory shocks and stings, settles deep…

She whispers and without even hesitating, falls gracefully from the cliff. She always does everything with grace, I think. I don't even move, all I hear is a splash against the rocks below. 

Kate managed two suicides that night, because not only did she end her life, she also ended mine. 

With a best friend gone, complicated pain and confusion is all sweet, young Bella knows. Repeating her senior year of high school as time was lost, gone in her grief allow for new faces and experiences.

I find myself taking more care of my appearance in the mornings when getting ready for school. I no longer sloppily tie my hair up. I take the time to brush it, even straightening the stubborn curls I have so that it looks sleek and shiny. I was never one for putting on makeup, but I've succumb to lining my eyes and dressing my lashes with a coat of mascara. Brushing some blush across my nonexistent cheek bones and painting a pale gloss on my light pink lips. 

I do these changes subtly at first, trying something new on a different day. The last thing that I want to do is draw attention to myself. It works, no one seems to really notice a difference. If anything starts to feel strange, it's the even more acute glare I get from Edward. His arm is tensely placed on top of the desk, knuckles a straining white color. 

Edward, is an old, sensitive soul with the most gentle way. He adores, admires and offers Bella tender comfort, creating a wide open path to healing.

I go tense, my spine straightening at the simple words. My turn to announce my name and my reason. And I'm not ready, I don't think I'll ever be ready. Saying it out loud only makes it more real. Even more painful than that dull ache I feel every single day. I close my eyes and take a deep breath and then I feel a weight on my left hand. When I open them, I see that Edward has covered the top of my hand with my own. I turn my head to face him, his deep green eyes gazing into mine. I can almost hear him gently telling me to go ahead, you're all right. "I'm Isabella Swan, and my best friend Kate Denali committed suicide last February." 

Edward's hand doesn't leave mine the rest of the session, he only grasps it tighter. 

Truthinvienna guides us through the past and present by alternating chapters of each. And as love grows and the plot builds, secrets are uncovered, realities are understood.

Maybe that's what I need. A common ground. Someone who knows what hurt is, what being alone signifies. Edward is an example, a pure result of what I can strive to become. He's experienced hardships that no child should ever have to. He's risen from them, he's happy, he's positive and sometimes his good moods are strangely contagious. Of all of this, he makes me want to be better. 

Periphery characters, well told and textured, add dimension to the sweetest journey. Concerned parents, a protective brother, an optimistic sister all add to the steady swell of Edward and Bella’s love. And ultimately, it would seem in that love, the path from darkness to peace breathes.

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