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September 15, 2011

Plain Jane by Day Domme by Night by vbfb1
Reviewed by LadyTazz7

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Bella is just plain Jane secretary by day but at night, she is Mistress Izzy Domme extraordinaire. What happens when her days and nights start to merge?

I don't read to many BDSM stories and this was the second I have ever read where the Domme was the woman.

In the first chapter we meet Bella and find out the tragic and horrific events that lead her into the BDSM lifestyle. We also find out that her current two year Dom/sub relationship with Jake has grown stale and unchallenging for her. She heads to a play party with Jake in hopes to find him a new Domme and herself a new sub.

At the party, Rose, Bella's friend and mentor, introduces her to a potential sub, Edward. However, Rose didn't know that Edward was Bella's boss at work and the one she has had a crush on.

From chapter 3:

I started making my way around the room looking for Rose, mingling with the other Dommes as I went. I was chatting with Mistress Kate when I felt a tap on my shoulder. What I saw when I turned around almost made my heart stop. 

It was Rose and my boss, Edward. He was standing there, head bowed. Dear god, please tell me this isn't the sub Rose is planning to introduce me to. 

Before Rose could say anything, I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her over to the corner of the room.

"Rose, do you know who the fuck that was?" 

"Yes, it was my brother in-law." My heart skipped a beat, fuck what had I gotten myself into. 

"Your brother in-law, Edward Cullen is your bother in-law? Fuck, Rose, that's my boss. I'm his secretary. I see him every day of the week. Please tell me you don't think he should be my new sub." 

"Ok, I won't tell you." I felt like my mind was going to shut down as the realisation that Edward was my intended new sub hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Now, here is a peek at the hot and heavy part of this story (this comes with a sham wow warning)

"Now, Eddie, I would like you to put that mouth of yours to work and fuck my cunt. I want you to make me come hard and fast. You are not to use your hands only your mouth. Understand? You may respond." 

"Yes, Mistress." 

He stayed still for a while, obviously trying to figure out where to start. I decided to give him a hand. I grabbed hold of his hair and yanked him forward until his face was buried in my pussy. 

Slowly, he slid his tongue between my lips searching out my bundle of nerves. He flicked, sucked, and nibbled on my clit. It felt so good, fuck, this boy knows how to use his mouth. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, his tongue moved down to my entrance. Holy fuck, this boy really does know how to use his tongue. I had never had a guy's tongue buried so far in my pussy before. I almost came right then. I could no longer hold in my moans and groans, it just felt so good. My hips started to buck of their own accord, unable to hold still. 

"Fuck, Eddie, that feels so fucking good. Don't you dare fucking stop. Oh, fucking hell, I'm going to cum. You better fucking lick up every last drop." 

What happened next was the most amazing experience of my life. Just as I was about to explode, I felt like I needed to pee, but I was too far gone to stop what was about to happen. As my orgasm hit, I completely let go and it was the most intense of my life. For the first time ever, I had squirted during an orgasm. I had read that these types of orgasms were extremely intense and extremely pleasurable, but to experience one first hand, there were just no words. As my body shuddered in pleasure, I heard a grunt that rather sounded like a moan coming from Edward. I guessed that he had cum too. 

As I came down from my orgasm, Edward continued to lick at my pussy, cleaning me. When I couldn't physically take any more, I grabbed hold of the hair at the back of his head and tugged to get him to cease his ministrations. 

This story is not just all about the hot steamy lemons, the story line is wonderful and had me hooked immediately. Can a relationship like this work for them? Can they separate the office from their Dom/sub relationship? Will the feelings Bella already had for Edward grow? Will he return them? I can't wait to see were the author takes us next on this journey. Trust me when I say this story is amazing, run and go read it. There are currently15 chapters up, and the author has told me she is working on the next chapter.


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