WIP of the Week: 9/12/11

September 13, 2011

Seven Day Weekend by JandMsMommy
Review by dragonfly336
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: They were young, in love...and they raised hell for seven days. AH, E/B, Very OOC, lemons, Promised HEA

Did you ever make one wrong decision in your life that snowballed into bad decision after bad decision?  Well, if so, then you know what Edward is going through in Seven Day Weekend by JandMsMommy.  Although, his wrong decision is probably a little more drastic than something you would do!

This story takes place in Lincoln, NE, during 1957. We meet bad boy Edward Cullen, complete with a Lucky Strike dangling from his mouth.  The reader gets a glimpse into his past as he wakes up from a nightmare of his parents demise.

And that was how I found them when I returned home from school at nine years old, lying in bed, expressions of false tranquility on their faces. I'd never be sure of the exact sequence of events since most of what I know is based on what neighbors claimed to have overheard. 

But I am certain of one thing. When I, formerly Edward Cullen, was nine years old, my father killed my mother…then turned the gun on himself.

Edward is now nineteen and madly in love with his seventeen year old girlfriend, Bella Swan, or Little Devil as he affectionately dubbed her. I really love this Bella.  She is a sweet, innocent, dutiful daughter in her parents eyes, but Edward knows the real Bella, snarky, foul mouthed and sexy. 

One day Edward, who loses yet another job, needs to get more cigarettes and decides that he is going to have to steal them, something he doesn't like doing. Things go very, very wrong at the service station.

"Listen, man, just give me the smokes, and I'll let you leave. Take one more step, and I'll fire," he warned.

Fear quickly gave way to anger at his words, and my eyes narrowed. 


He had no idea that I had a gun of my own and was more than willing to use it if he dared to fucking threaten me again. 

"Turn around, asshole! Give me the packs now, or I'll shoot!" he yelled. 

Rage boiled my blood. This son of a whore, who was about the same age as I, was trying to intimidate me with a gun he probably barely knew how to use. 

It would not fucking work. 

I snickered mutely. "Okay," I said, playing along, and began to reach for the pistol. "I'm gonna grab the smokes, alright? Then I'll turn around and toss 'em on the counter." 

As I spoke, my hand met with the cool metal tucked behind my buckle. 

"Slowly, man. Real slow," he said. In an instant, I brandished the gun and whirled around, aiming it right at his head. 

Blood pumped violently; adrenaline coursed its way through my veins as time seemed to move in slow motion. But I didn't hesitate, even for a second.

Edward knows that he needs to leave town, but that he can't live without Bella.  He goes to her and begs her to come and after weighing things, she decides to go with him.  This starts a chain of events that are full of action.  And, have I mentioned the lemons?  Oh my, can JandMsMommy write them!!
This story is ten chapters in and the perfect time to start.  Our favorite couple just ran into Alice and Jasper and I am excited to see how their relationship develops. If you are looking for something different with a promised HEA, then this is the story for you! 


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