New Fic of the Week: 9/19/11

September 22, 2011

Duet by evilnat
Review by Maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: duet doo-et, djuːˈɛt — n 1. Also called esp for instrumental compositions : duo a musical composition for two performers or voices 2. an action or activity performed by a pair of closely connected individuals AH ExB 

Duet is evilnat's first multi-chapter fic. It's only two chapters in and definitely makes you want more.

Bella is singer in a band while also working at the bar Alice and Jasper bought. Alice is a breath of fresh air with a bubbly personality who is one of Bella's close friends. Jasper met Bella when she took voice lessons from him. She is constantly asking him to form a band with her but he is concentrating on renovating Twilight Tavern.

My smile widened, there was only one thing I wanted and I knew Jasper would say no. 

"Start a band with me."

"No. Anything but that." 

Bella is living in the engaged couple's spare room until her apartment above the bar is completed. Edward is Jasper's best friend. He has been touring as a concert 'peenist' as Alice says, and is very popular in those circles. He decides to spend time with his best friend when his tour concludes, and is going to help him with the renovation. Emmett is Edward's brother, and so far, is a very likable character.

As soon as Bella sees Edward she thinks he is very good looking. Edward's reaction to her is confusing to her. She notices that every time she walks into a room he leaves. After a while she starts doing it on purpose. She has no idea why he's acting that way toward her.

The story's alternate POVs gives great insight into what the characters are thinking. Edward alludes to the fact that they have met years ago, and that she is not the girl he remembers.

I only got a quick look, but it was her. She looked different, she was a little curvier but she was still as beautiful as she was the night I saw her for the first and last time. But she wasn't the girl I had been dreaming about all these years, this Bella had tattoos all over her arms and her jeans were so tight they left little to the imagination. No, this was not right at all. 

His distaste is obvious, and she has no idea why. He is especially irritated that she is friends with his brother.

This fic has great potential. Bella and Jasper can sing, and Edward is a piano genius. Things are definitely going to get interesting!


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