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January 24, 2012

Merry Textmas by DiamondHeart78
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Bella is forced to tackle the crowds on Black Friday with her best friend, Angela. Can a random text message from a wrong number change the course of her day and her life? Banter galore! AH. VOTER'S CHOICE WINNER for the Naughty & Nice Holiday Contest!

We’ve all done it, gotten that text from a random person that we have never met before. For most of us that means nothing. We ask who it is, they reply sorry wrong number, or something of the like and we move on never giving it another thought.

Imagine though, if you kept texting the random person, and said random person turns out to be Edward freaking Cullen…That would make all of our inner Bella Swan’s very happy indeed.

This story was a breath of fresh air for me. To be perfectly honest I have found myself sliding into that angsty place, that I really don’t like to go to, lately and I needed some good stories to pull me out of it.

The story begins with Bella and her best friend Angela out shopping on Black Friday much to Bella’s dismay, when she gets a text from a random unknown sender asking if she is meeting him out later that night.

I have a couple of co-workers, family members and friends to shop for, but something tells me I won't find anything here that my dad, Charlie, will like. I make a mental note to look for some lures for his fishing obsession online later. As I go rummaging through my black hole of a purse to find a pen to add a note next to my dad's name, my phone vibrates, signaling a text message. Strangely, it's from an unknown number. 

Hey. Just woke up. We still on for later? The Sleeping Beagle down on E 40th. 9pm. 

I look at it for a moment, running through the list of people I know who might be texting me this early in the morning. Did I make plans with someone without knowing? 

Angie briefly catches my expression, looking concerned. "What is it? Did something happen?" 

"No, no, nothing. But I just got a text from an unknown number, look," I say, extending my arm for her to read the phone's screen. 

"Hmm. Weird. Maybe you met someone, gave your number to them when you were drunk or something?" she remarks, grinning mischievously. 

"Ha ha. Not funny. I seriously don't know who this is." 

"Well, text them back, doofus." I widen my eyes at her and sigh. 

"Ok, then. Here goes." 

Who is this? 

Edward had just purchased a new phone and had accidentally superimposed Jasper’s number in his contacts, but becomes very intrigued by the random girl who received his text. The texting goes on for hours; random pictures are exchanged and they even get into the sexting department before Bella even leaves the mall.

This is the most unique form of twenty questions that I have read in a while. They really spend a lot of time getting to know each other with no preconceived notions, and they both feel that instant bond that we have all come to expect from Edward and Bella. The banter that goes on between them is hilarious and you can’t help but cheer for them right from the start.

Despite only being five chapters long, DiamondHeart78 really does a great job at bringing us an all around great story. There is the perfect amount of everything. From humor, to drama, to fluff and best of all for me no angst, this story has it all. Don’t get me wrong, there is some drama, things aren’t always perfect but that is okay, because we all know that life isn’t perfect. However we get to learn and grow with these characters and for me that makes a great story. I really hope you check it out, don’t let the title fool you it is a great year round story!


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    This is so great! Thanks so much for the great review! Glad you enjoyed it :) xoxo

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