WIP of the Week: 7/23-7/29

July 23, 2010
Lethal to Virtue by TheBondGirls
Review by sscana
Rating: M
Genre:  Romance/Crime
Characters:  Edward & Bella
Summary: Agent Edward Cullen hears the thoughts of those around him except for new recruit Isabella Swan. Will they control their feelings and work as a team in order to bring down the dark and dirty world hiding in Forks? Will virtue give way to vice?

Edward Cullen super spy and playboy extraordinaire, has the world at his fingertips and he knows it. He’s at the top of his game and by damned no one or no thing can stop him. He has the ultimate power of reading peoples minds and can do whatever he pleases. As he walks through the FBI training facility, looking for his next conquest, he notices a beautiful brunette who intrigues him immediately. Instantly he realizes she’s the only person he’s ever encountered whose thoughts he can not hear. Will super agent Edward Cullen be able to stay on top of his game and figure out this mysterious woman at the same time?

When the story starts Edward has made sure new agent Bella Swan is on his next assignment. In their first formal encounter he realizes by touching her he can hear her thoughts.

“Yes, I could hear inside that pretty little head. This is awesome. Unbelievable… touch her, and I can hear her? Well, well, Miss Swan, I think you just entered the petting zoo.”

Bella is excited about her first assignment and also nervous to be working with Edward Cullen and has no idea he would love to make her his new toy.

Edward wants her to be his next conquest and does not keep this a secret. He is always pushing her buttons and finding ways to touch her. She decides to keep things formal and not to be another notch on his belt. Bella takes her job very seriously and has worked hard to get to this point in her life and will not kiss it all away on Mr. Cullen. This is her dream and he will not distract her. But can she deny that strong pull that she has towards him?

“He sees me as nothing more than a conquest, his next feast. But there’s just something I feel when he’s near. I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

Bella decides that, for the sake of her career, she has to keep him at arms length. She enforces a strict no-touching policy. Edward starts to realize that he needs to be with her, not just sleep with her. Can Mr. Cullen change his ways and prove this to Bella.

The mission they are going on will bring them to Forks, WA to bring down a crime syndicate. Edward will act as a venture capitalist and Bella will act as his assistant. I cannot wait to see how their dynamic plays out when they are undercover!

I do not want to give too much of the story away, but know this it is a must read. It is sexy, funny and has plenty of UST. There is also a serious side to this story. The people that they are trying to bring down are involved in a sex trade operation, which is a very real problem in the world today.

This fic is really just getting started and I adore Bondward and Bella. They have some of the best chemistry I have read and l love reading what they are thinking. It has great character support some of the funniest one liners I have read.


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