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July 18, 2010

Silence and Security by adorablecullens

Summary: Two years after her marriage to Jacob Black ends, 37-year-old single mom Bella buys a house. Will the handsome single dad next door help her learn to love again? Or will Edward's presence in their life only reinforce Renee's trauma-induced silence?

If you are looking for the perfect story to read on a rainy Sunday or something you can read at work (because really, we all know we do it if we can get away with it), Silence & Security by adorablecullens is just the thing for you. This story is a great mix of drama, romance, and suspense plus the pace is absolutely perfect. I had read this story before and it was even more enjoyable the second go round. That is really saying something in the fanfic world! Adorablecullens’ story will definitely stay with you after you have finished and I guarantee it will be on your list of favorites for a long time to come.

Silence & Security is the story of an older Edward and Bella. The characterizations of both are a refreshing change from their normal portrayal. Adorablecullens has developed a completely well rounded Edward and Bella, and has given them the maturity and wisdom that come with age. Both are parents of little girls and Bella’s daughter Renee suffers from elective mutism due to a traumatic experience. Edward is happy with where he is in his life even though he has divorced from a surprisingly nice Tanya (which is a refreshing change from what we would normally see). Edward is portrayed as a normal guy, one who is content to be a normal dad and do normal things with his daughter. Oh, there are peeks and glimpses of the canon Edward we all love so much. He still questions whether or not he is worthy of Bella but this vulnerability is, of course, one of the reasons why we all love him so much.

Bella’s story is much more tragic than that of Edward’s and it is one that will definitely pull at your heart strings. Both she and Renee have suffered so much, but it is Bella’s strength and the love she has for her daughter that pulls them through their tragedy. Watching her open herself up to the possibility of finding love with Edward is poignant to witness and you will find yourself cheering for her as you read the story.

All of our beloved characters are present along with the additions of Edward’s daughter Lily and Bella’s daughter Renee. Together, all of these are excellent complements to the story. The children add depth and emotion but do not over shadow the love story. Neither do the other characters, and adorablecullens has done an excellent job of portraying our favorite Cullen family without making them domineering and intrusive. The family just wants Edward to be happy, and they help him navigate his relationship with Bella and her daughter with amazing grace and support.

Silence & Security is a well written, beautiful love story of two people who have seen much and experienced more. They are grownups driven by passion and devotion and Edward and Bella are still our favorite people, just older and wiser. The story is original and the alternating points of views she uses are complementary and not redundant at all. Silence & Security is a sweet, feel good story and I promise you will not be sorry if you read it. You will read it again and again!

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