July 09, 2010
Welcome to the IndieFicPimp Blog! Let me introduce ourselves. My name is Lori, Dragonfly336 on twitter. I created this account and blog! I have just added 2 wonderful people to our little blog here. The first is Ina, MrsDrMcSparkly on twitter. She will be in charge of the one-shots! The second is Kyla, KylaPricky on twitter. She will be my staff reviewer! They are also my go-to girls.

I just want to thank some people in helping me with this! The first big thanks goes to Ina. She encouraged me to start the twitter account, made my avi and background on twitter, given me advice, and just been there for me! I love you girl! I also want to thank Kyla for giving me advice, RT'ing me all the time on twitter and being there to listen to me vent too! I need to thank Teambella23 and missyfits for giving me advice the first day I was up, which worked! I need to thank Bellalove72 for getting my template up, when I couldn't figure it out! Thank you to candykizzes24 for my awesome banner. Thanks to jaimearkin for general help! And last but certainly not least: A big thank you to AydenM for helping me with this yesterday when I was about to pull out my hair! Without her, this would not be up right now!



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