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July 09, 2010
We Don't Break, We Bend by LyricalKris
Review by bbwraven
Summary: When the man who’s supposed to love them hurts them, and the people who are supposed to save them won't listen, it falls on their shoulders to not just survive, but save each other.

**Caution: This is an angst filled fiction dealing with physical, emotional and sexual abuse.**
I don't remember how I found 'We Don't Break, We Bend’ but I thank my lucky stars I did. This isn't your typical fic where Bella and Edward fall in love. It's a story of three teenagers growing up in an abusive home and despite the fact they never know when they're guardian James will explode, they still manage to create a family.

Social outcasts Jasper, Edward and Bella learned to depend on each other and everyday they survive means its one day closer to the freedom they long for. When the trio meets Alice they learn to hide both their physical and emotional wounds from her and her family.

LyricalKris managed to create a dark and real situation where you're captivated from the opening paragraph and you don't stop until you've read every chapter. Like most fics each chapter begins with song lyrics, and when Lyrical used 'Bent' by Matchbox Twenty I knew this fic owned me.
When I was a diehard Matchbox Twenty fan and like any fan the song was on repeat but I constantly thought of romantic relationships gone wrong and letting the new person you're not all there. But I saw 'Bent' in a whole new light after reading this fic, as if Kris was saying no matter how many times Jasper, Edward, and Bella were beaten, they always found a way to put themselves back together.
I simply found each character had some form of bravery and they held each other together when life was getting worst. I love when the characters in a fic come off the pages and become real in my eyes.
Jasper's head had been lolling on the couch cushion as he caught his breath from the exertion of getting his shirt off. He rolled his head in her direction, his eyes opening just enough so he could look at her. He swallowed a couple of times, licking his dry lips so he could talk. "I'm not broken, baby girl. I bend really well," he promised.
The situation Kris wrote about is a painful subject, and even though I read ‘We Don’t Break, We Bend’ months ago it still has the ability to make me cry simply because I could feel their pain, confusion or joy and sometime all three. It’s the only way I know how to explain it. Please check out this fic!
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