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July 31, 2010

Paper Heart by HezPixie
Review by RaeCullen

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella
Summary: Bella and Edward fall in and out of love over the course of 5 years. We begin at the end, we end at the beginning and somewhere in the middle, we realize just how easy it is to lose each other along the way. Rated M.

I was rec’ed Paper Heart on twitter by RoseLover24 and LambCullen. Pretty much anything these two tell me to read, I will. So I clicked on the link to the story and decided to give it a go because it was only six chapters and had less than 100 reviews. I like to give lesser known fics a shot (hence the reason I’m blogging on this site =P). Rose and Lambie said it was one hell of an angsty ride, and well, I love my angst!

The author gives the disclaimer within the first chapter that her Edward and Bella do not end up together. (Yes you heard me correctly, they do not end up together). Though my interest was still peaked, because she continues to say: Bella's story is told from the end of their relationship to the beginning, and Edward's story starts and the beginning and ends at the end. Each chapter alternates from Bella’s POV to Edward’s.

I think she’s chosen an incredibly interesting and original way to tell a story. Paper Heart is based off a musical I’ve never heard of, but am incredibly interested to go see now.

Paper Heart is filled with raw emotion, something true and incredibly easy to relate to.

Anger comes first. Flashing, blinding, consuming. It starts off slow, lapping at your lungs and your fingers and your gut, building relentlessly, compelling you to run, to scream, to destroy. Your brain is a jumble of senseless firing synapses and your entire body trembles with the nervous energy of it all, from your scalp to your lips to your toes. You can't sit still, can't eat, can't sleep, can't focus on anything but the wave of rage that drives you to the edge of insanity before it swells and finally, blessedly breaks.

But after that brief moment of reprieve, when you're crashing headfirst into the next mindfuck of emotion, you find yourself longing for those ebbing, electric tides of anger and rage. Because after the anger and the rage comes the pain.

Paper Heart is incredibly well-written, original and evokes a variety of emotions from me while I read (exactly what I want a story to do to me). It’s got a lot of angst, but also some sweet moments too.

Check out Paper Heart if you’re looking for something original and refreshing in a fandom where it is increasingly difficult to do just that. Don’t be scared away by the fact that Edward and Bella end up together. Sometimes love is bigger than us all and take on a life of its own. Sometimes, unfortunately, the greatest loves aren’t always meant to be.


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