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July 13, 2010
Ugly by Silver Sniper of Night

Summary: “They say beauty is only skin deep. Well, I’m not sure about that.” A woman who sees the world in perfection and imperfection, and the man who cannot see either find they have more in common than they could have believed.

As some of you may know, I get the pleasure of reading everything Silver Sniper writes immediately after she gets done writing it. Ugly, is no exception. One day we’re talking and she’s all ‘I have this idea for a new story’ and then goes in to explain a little bit and asks me what I think. I immediately fell in love with the idea and pretty much begged her every single day to write Burnward for me and let me read it. Then one day we’re talking again (and honestly, we’re always talking so this shouldn’t come as a surprise) and she tells me she wrote the Prologue. I, of course, start bouncing up and down in my computer chair and begging her to send it to me. So she does. And let me tell you, I’ve never had such a raw and emotional reaction to 400 words in my entire life. I sobbed. Literally I did.

I never used to think about skin. It was simply an inescapable surface that was just there. I should never have taken my skin for granted. It's very important. Touch can reassure, relax and comfort. It reduces depression, anxiety, stress and physical pain. Skin can heal. It helps your immune system, and affects your behavior and moods. Skin is our greatest defense against bacteria and deathly infection.

And it hurts like hell when it's ravaged by fire.

As we find out in the prologue, Edward is horrifically burned in a fire (as this point, we know little to nothing about what happened – how the fire occurred, etc) and half of his face is burned beyond recognition. Yes. You heard me right. Silver Sniper as deformed our precious Edward and I LOVE her for doing it. This is exactly why I love everything she writes. She’s not afraid to take chances and she gives us something completely different and original (If you haven’t read her other fic Eye Contact, go and read it now. You won’t be disappointed, trust me). I’m in love with Edward’s voice – so seemingly strong yet a little bit of self-loathing just under the surface.

In the first chapter, we meet Isabella Swan, a rich, young, beautiful socialite. But she’s so much more than a spoiled rich kid and we see that right from the beginning. It’s almost as though she’s trapped and suffocating in this world she lives in. I love her character because she’s kind, strong, and compassionate.

We were all dolls really, living in our plastic houses. In this town, we were the elite. We didn't need an education; we had enough old money and trust funds to live forever, without lifting a finger. We were expected to look, but not touch, and to pair ourselves off with equally outstanding men.

Yet there was something about being molded in plastic and fashioned like clay that didn't quite sit right with me.

I can already tell, even after only one brief interaction, that Edward and Bella are perfect for each other and will irrevocably change each other’s lives. I’m eager to see just what Silver Sniper has in store of us. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be an angsty ride and Silver Sniper will not disappoint.

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