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July 15, 2010
Battle Wounds by writerinmydreams007
Review by AydenM
*This Story is no longer available*

Summary: There are two intensly hurt people living in Forks, Washington. Anger, dispair and bitterness hold them back behind the brick walls they have built around themselves. Can time and love heal all wounds? Dark OC, AH, lemons, brief references to violence.

When I first began reading fanfiction late last year, I'll admit that I was leery. I didn't believe it was possible to come across a derivative that I loved as much as the original. For months, I believed that. And then I picked up Battle Wounds.

Bella moves to Forks in order to escape the whispers and stares that have haunted her since her life came unraveled and landed her in the one place she hopes to never return to. Edward has lived in Forks for years and, like Bella, wishes to escape the very public horror of his own past. Neither believes in love and neither is looking for more heartache, but when they find one another, they find both.

As the summary of this story states, "there are two intensely hurt people living in Forks." The author, writerinmydream007, could not have been more up-front than that. From the very first, this story holds nothing back. From Bella's horrifying flash-back to the trauma that led her to flee Phoenix to Edward's revelation of his own painful past; it is obvious that these two are, indeed, as broken as the summary suggests. It is also obvious, however, just how quickly things can change.

When Bella and Edward meet for the first time, she's terrified of his temper, believing him to be cut from the same cloth as those who wounded her so deeply. Things aren't always as they appear, however, and writerinmydream does a fantastic job of proving that point. Broken, bitter Edward is not irredeemable as his attitude and behavior would lead one to believe. His inexplicable feelings for Bella drag him into the harsh light of day where he must not only face the young man he has become, but find the one he wishes to be for her.

When Bella cracks beneath the weight of what her mind has locked away from her in a last ditch effort to protect her from a horrible reality she is not yet ready to face; Edward must decide whether to give up on her and protect his own heart or fight for what he never wanted and help her survive the anguish that has gripped her so entirely. The problem is he doesn't know what has broken her. Will she be able to tell him? And more importantly, will he be able to convince her that she is not the disgusting, unwanted person she believes she has become?

Even at its most tragic, this story will give you hope. writerinmydream007 does an absolutely phenomenal job capture the subtle nuances of emotion and amplifying them. She manages to not only show you as any great writer does, but to make you feel. You will laugh with these characters. You will cry with these characters. Your heart will be ripped out of your chest for these characters and then put back by these characters. And at the end of the day you will still believe that if anyone can work it out, it will be these two not because love conquers all, but because two characters as strong as these two can conquer and overcome anything for love.

Battle Wounds is rated M and includes scenes of graphic sexual violence.


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