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July 09, 2010

Revelry by Teambella23
Review by writerinmydream
*This story is no longer available*
Summary: AH,OOC, LEMONS He is always aware of where she is and what she is doing. Bella makes sure that Edward's eyes are only on her...grabbing his attention every chance she can. She is in need of constant allegiance...its fucked but works for them.

Beautifully tragic. Painfully compelling. A fanfiction that once you sit down to start you won't be able to walk away.

Revelry by TeamBella23 is a story that makes you feel and tears at your heart, leaving you exhausted and begging for more. It demands you open your eyes and heart to absorb every inch of pain and suffering, love and adoration that the central characters endure.

The relationship between Bella, Edward and Jasper is beautiful, so passionate and loving that it made me wish for friends like that of my own. But with the beauty is an ugliness you can feel after the first few chapters. What has the potential to be a loving and healing friendship for these wounded souls takes a tragic turn, shaping that future of the characters in ways they could never have expected.

Chapter 5 Jasper POV
“Edward…he is trapped by his emotion. Characters like Bella and I are supposed to be alone, dwelling and plotting our next moves. People like Edward, the good ones, are supposed to move on from this bullshit and live a long healthy normal life.
Edward lost that the moment he met and fell in love with the Belly Button.
But he turned himself in; he willingly gave up everything for her…independence and option. He is tied to her, as she is to him; I fit somewhere in the middle.
Three makes a family.
Trapped, bipolar, self harming…three.
Because they are family, I should have known better.
I could have saved him from this…after all their saving, this was my chance to save and what the fuck do I do?
Let him blow off a fucking porch rail.
And he growls…..”

This story MUST be read. The author knows just how to capture your heart and soul with this story. Be careful, it's not for the faint of heart!

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