Les16's Rec of the Week: 7/30-8/5

July 30, 2010

Empty Panes & Pretty Things by AydenMorgen
Reviewed by Les16

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Bella/Edward

Summary: Bella only wanted to survive the terror of her memories, but when Edward appears in her life, she realizes she wants something more. Will she let him put her together again or will their broken pasts bury them both? AH/OOC. Rated M. Indie Twific Nominee

You know how you stumble across a story, one that you weren’t really searching for, and it becomes something that moves you, sucks you in and completely captivates you? That happened to me when I was searching for a new story and thankfully found AydenMorgen’s Empty Panes & Pretty Things. I started reading late at night and found myself still reading hours upon hours later, too immersed in the intricate story to stop long enough for something as lame as sleeping.

Empty Panes is a story about two people’s search for healing, forgiveness and ultimately true love. It isn’t an easy journey…if you’re going to read, which is a must for anyone who considers themselves a true connoisseur of must read fan fiction….you will need to steel yourself for some difficult chapters to get through. But I promise you, you will be rewarded for your perseverance in the end.

The story starts with our Bella; a snarky, feisty and foul mouthed broken girl and she completely turns Edward’s world upside down in the blink of an eye. From the very first chapter, Edward is done for. Oh their first few encounters are a bit rocky…okay a lot rocky. With comments like, “I slammed the bolt home and sank to my knees, shaking in fury. Of all the nerve! Who the hell did he think he was? The second fucking coming of Christ?” Has there ever been a better term for Edward than ‘Second Coming’? I mean, come on, its perfection!

Edward does slowly and painfully begin to tear down Bella’s carefully and extremely solid walls tiny bit by tiny bit. The turning point comes when something (and I don’t want to spoil it!) happens to Bella and it is Edward who saves her…in every possible way. Sure, he protects her physically, but it is the healing he helps her do to her soul that is gut wrenching.

Totally rip your heart out gut wrenching…but it is so, so beautiful to watch.

Edward must face his own demons while helping Bella navigate her path to forgiveness. The burden of guilt that Edward carries around is astounding and it is only his love for Bella that keeps him from crumbling under the enormous weight of it all. Our beloved Edward never does anything half-assed, that is for sure, and his absolute need to make Bella safe and whole is just one example of that.

Jasper and Alice…and my God you will love Ayden’s Jasper…enter the picture as Edward begins to crumble under the pressure of keeping Bella and himself from drowning in their guilt and pain. Edward convinces Bella to leave to face her demons and he, in turn, faces his own. In most stories and in most cases, it makes sense for them to face things together. In this case, the only option is the most painful one. Edward and Bella must go forward alone so that they can meet at the end…free from the burdens that they have carried for so long.

I’m telling you, you have never read anything more gripping, more moving, than these two beautiful, shattered, but so very strong people as they fight and claw their way back to one another. Have plenty of tissues handy, you will need them. Empty Panes & Pretty Things is a story that will make you feel things you have never felt before and it will stick with you long after the final word is read.


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