WIP of the Week: 6/25-7/1

July 16, 2010

The Muse in the Attic by ClearlyAmbiguous
Summary: Hearing creepy and unsettling sounds coming from the attic not long after moving into her late grandfather's house, Bella discovers someone lost and scared hiding in her attic. Who is he and what does his presence there mean for her?

The summary of this fic is what initially got my attention. I am always looking for something different. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lemon as much as the next h00r, but sometimes I need a break. That’s not to say there aren’t any lemons in Muse but that’s not what it’s all about. And normally I have to read at least the first five chapters to decide if the fic can keep my attention to continue. That wasn’t the case with The Muse in the Attic. I was drawn in before the end of the prologue and I knew instantly that I’d be along for the ride, however long it is.

The story starts out with Bella, who is newly divorced from Embry and decides move back to Forks, to Evergreen Manor, the house that her late Grandfather left her in his will. While unpacking, she starts to hear music playing that no one else seems to hear. She also smells apple pie baking but again, no one else can smell it but her. Later that night after everyone else has gone home after helping her move in, she starts hearing noises in the attic. When she goes to investigate, she finds a naked man shivering in the corner. She leaves to get him a blanket and upon her return, he’s gone.

Bella recollects many of the stories her Grandfather used to regal her with while growing up and you can see that the relationship between the two is very heart-warming. While considering some of the stories he Grandfather has told her, Alice steps in to help Bella find out more about the previous owners of Evergreen Manor. Bella also has a very interesting run in with Jared who along with the rest of La Push, may or may not know a thing or two about the history of the manor themselves. After not being able to really come up with anything, Bella decides to make a very important call to a paranormal psychologist who just might be able to tell her a thing or two about what’s going on…

This is an AH Edward and Bella story...do not be fooled! I LOVE this story! Nothing I can say can really do it justice. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next and how all the pieces fit together. Edward and Bella both have their own mysteries to solve separately and then figure out how they are linked. After every update I am left with a different theory as to what’s going on. I’m absolutely amazed by the creativity that ClearlyAmbiguous demonstrates within the story line. Her ability to even think of this story, keep it all straight and then being able to link it all together boggles my mind. There are so many details and twists and turns, it just goes to show how truly talented she is.

ClearlyAmbiguious is clearly NOT ambiguous when it comes to her writing and the detail she adds to Muse. Her writing style is different than anything I’ve read, and I’ve read A LOT of fics. This story is beautifully written. She writes with an eloquence that I haven’t seen before. Her use of imagery is not over done but just the right amount so you feel like you’re actually right there in the same room with the characters and feeling every emotion they are feeling. I love the way her writing flows and how it makes me feel when I read it! Every chapter gives you just the right amount to satisfy the need to know what’s going on, while leaving you wondering and wanting more at the same time!

“He extends his arm out to greet me and I step into the house, anticipating the enveloping feel of his embrace. But as soon as he is within reach, he steps back and turns on his heel ascending the stairs. "Edward!" I cry out, but get no response, his name vacant and strangely foreign on my tongue. He continues climbing, seemingly unaware of my persistent attempts to regain his attention. In my haste, I clamor up the stairs behind him, but with each step closer, he moves farther away. I desperately reach out for him, worry coursing over every pore of my body as I grasp at nothing but empty air.”

See what I mean? What are you waiting for? Go read it!


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