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July 24, 2010

Acting Out by eroticfan
Review by Jjjuliebee

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella/Jake 

Summary: AU-human: Edward, Bella and Jake are juniors in Forks. Very NC-17 with Edward and Jake both bi, but not PWP - there's plot, angst, humor and romance as these messed-up kids figure out their three-way relationship. You'll like Jake here - trust me!

I am pretty traditional in my fic pairings. I am a Bella/Edward purist, plain and simple. But once in a while, a different kind of story comes along that draws me in. Acting Out was one of the first fan fiction stories that I ever read, and it has remained a favorite. At 29 chapters, it still amazes me that it has less than 600 reviews. Don’t let Jake scare you away, ladies. This is one great read.

I was intrigued by the summary - in essence, Edward, Bella and Jake are messed-up teenagers working to figure out their three-way relationship. First love is always confusing and intense. Throw in the added complication of sorting through feelings for two people, and you can imagine that things can get pretty interesting.

This is not your typical high school fic, and it sure as hell isn’t your typical love story. Edward is cocky, arrogant, androgynous, and hot as hell. Bella is the new girl in town with a traumatic past, and Jake is the local kid on the rez. Their three lives collide and when they do, sparks fly.

Bella moves back to Forks from Phoenix in her junior year of high school after many years away, immediately drawn in and intrigued by Edward, against her better judgment. She is inexplicably attracted to his bad-boy persona - a trait that she knows far too well due to a horrific past relationship with a very evil James. Edward is drawn to her as well, and although he attempts to chalk up his attraction as his standard “fuck and run” M.O., he knows from the start that something is very different. Typical boy meets girl, right? Well, not exactly.

Enter Jake. Both bi, Jake and Edward meet at a Seattle club and have an immediate, intense connection. I am a big fan of slash, and the author manages to create intensely erotic lemony times. Case in point:

And suddenly he's got me and he's walking me back til I'm pressed against the brick wall of an old building we're passing in the shadow of some steps and his hands are in my hair and he's crushing me to the wall pressing himself hard against me and his mouth's all over mine and fuck yes he's kissing me hard. I grab his ass and moan into his mouth and it's all hot and wet and tongues as I suck his kiss.

Needless to say, Jake and Edward get it on but good. After spending the night together (which is new to them both), they both struggle with unfamiliar feelings - they both want more of each other in a way that neither can articulate to themselves, let alone to each other. And then, as they say, the plot thickens.

Edward begins an even more intense relationship with Bella. He has an overwhelming desire to not only possess her, but to comfort, protect and care for her. Edward is afraid of his feelings for Bella. His inner dialogue articulates his confusion very clearly:

I think I love Bella but she makes me feel crazy and out of control. I need her too much and it scares me. Jake calms me down.

Bella is equally as terrified of her nearly involuntary need for Edward as well, particularly as she discovers that she is nearly powerless to stay away from him.

As with Edward, Jake enters Bella’s life and is a calming, centering figure. Edward and Bella both start on paths of separate relationships with Jake, but eventually, they come together as a trio, and lemony times ensue.

I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that there is plenty of angst, action, and did I mention lemony times? But above all, the threesome act as mutual support systems for each other as well as best friends and lovers. The story concludes with a very satisfying and sweet resolution. It’s a bumpy ride, but worth every hurdle, and it remains one of my favorite fics. Enjoy!

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