Writer Submitted Fic: 10/4-10/10

October 07, 2010

All That Jazz by Javamomma0921

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: AH/AU Set in 1919. Meet orphan sisters, Bella and Alice Swan, as they journey to Chicago to meet their Aunt Esme, brazen, disowned sister of their mother. Join Bella as she learns the true meaning of marriage and love. M for adult themes and later lemons.

If you only ever read one historical fic, make All That Jazz your one and you will not be disappointed. Javamomma0921 sets up a beautifully captivating tale that is richly detailed and has wonderful characterizations. It is easy to get lost in 1919 when reading about orphaned sisters Bella and Alice Swan and their adventures as they move into a very different world from the one in which they were raised.

When their very traditionally-minded mother passes away, the girls are sent to Chicago to live with their Aunt Esme, Uncle Carlisle, and Cousin Emmett. While Alice looks forward to the freedom that will come with this major life change, Bella dreads her now unstable future. She fears she will not fit in or have the life she had been expecting without her mother there to guide her and find her a husband.

Nothing goes as either girl expects as they begin to change the way they see the world and acknowledge that while neither agrees with their mother’s worldview, there were important lessons learned from Renee Swan that still hold and shape their lives.

This story follows canon couples: Esme and Carlisle, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, and of course, Bella and Edward, through 1920’s style courting rituals and social engagements. While the setting and impetus for this story could not be more apart from the original inspiration, the characterizations are simply perfect. Bella, Alice, and all the rest behave as you would expect them to in these circumstances. I am sure that this is a tale Bella herself would love, full of romance and remarkable beauty; it is stunning and I am sure it will be to the very end.


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