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October 12, 2010
River Dam by jennyfly
Review by Dragonfly336

Rating: R
Genre: Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward bides his time in Forks counting the days til he can leave the sleepy town forever. But fate halts his departure, and he must learn to see Forks as a home instead of a prison. ...

Don’t you love when you find a story that you can’t put down and when you are done with it, you just want to tell everyone you know to drop whatever they are doing and go read the story right now?? Well, River Dam by jennyfly is that story.

When we meet Edward, he is a senior in high school. He comes from a blue collar family and desperately does not want to turn out like his father and brother by staying in the small town of Forks and working for the local construction company. He has big dreams of leaving Forks and traveling the world before going off to college. He has saved every penny that he has made since he was eleven years old, so that he can see this dream come to fruition.

At the beginning of his senior year, he meets Bella. This is such a true-to-life love story. It isn’t love and desire at first sight. It is the gradual falling in love, that most of us can relate to.
What you have to know is this: Falling in love is not this big complicated thing you think it’s going to be before it actually happens to you. At first, you’re trying to get laid. And then all of the sudden it feels like the first slightly warm day after a long, brutal winter. You know the kind of day: when you walk outside and it smells like damp mud and worms—but in a good way—and you don’t need a coat and the sky is blue and you just know that nothing will bring you down the whole day. That you’re above it all.

Then, when you’re making plans for Friday night, you’re not thinking ‘How am I going to ditch this girl after I get what I want?’ You’re thinking ‘I hope to God Crowley and Cheney have plans and don’t bug us.’ You’re thinking ‘I wonder what she would think about this movie’ and ‘Oh, green beans for dinner. She hates green beans.’

And then you’re driving down to the river on a really sunny Saturday when wildflowers have begun to paint the roadsides, and you’re wondering if you even have to say I love you because she’s just got to know it from the way it shows in every thought and every word.”

At the end of his senior year Bella gets pregnant and throws a curve into all of Edward’s plans.

What I love the most about this story is that it is real. This is a truthful account of teenage pregnancy. It isn’t all happiness and sunshine. They aren’t thrilled at the idea of having a baby and when they do, it isn’t automatically a wonderful life for them.

Jennyfly is an amazing writer and her imagery and storytelling is stunning. I cried more than once for these kids and the situation that was thrust upon them. So...stop what you are doing and go read this right now!!

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