Completed Fic of the Week: 10/25-10/31

October 26, 2010

I Just Needed You by nerac
Reviewed by SammieLynnsMom
*This story is no longer available*

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Seeking a break from a devastating hand he's been dealt, Edward Cullen tries to start anew. What he doesn't need is Isabella Swan, and her pretentious perfection...or so he thinks. AH ExB

“Yeah, so we weren't perfect. Not by any means. But for all the ways we were explosive together—fighting, yelling, teasing—we were good, too. And it worked. We worked.

Because as it turned out, she just needed me, too.”

Edward Cullen had it all, or so he thought, until one moment in his life made him turn his back on everything he had once loved. Isabella Swan grew up as nothing more than an afterthought by the one person that should have put her before all. When they meet sparks fly, but not the glorious, beautiful fireworks we’re accustomed to reading with this canon couple. These are firecracker sparks that in a mere second of mishandling, will take your fingers off.

After spending a year running away, Edward decides to root himself where he had once abandoned, studying music at the University of Washington. As part of his re-admission, Dr. Banner assigns Edward an extra assignment; one-on-one piano lessons for a beginner student. He begrudgingly accepts, but considers walking away as soon as he realizes his student is Isabella Swan.

These two have met before and simply put, they both judged each other’s books by their cover. Their journey begins as Edward learns Bella is nowhere near as perfect as he once pegged her, while Bella uncovers the hurt in Edwards past that prohibits him from feeling.

“I Just Needed You” is a short, ten chapter work of fan fiction that is solid from start to finish. What immediately brought me in was the details behind Edward’s characterization. Although he was broody and unsociable, there was something that screamed at me that he simply needed his story told. While Bella, a stereotypically weak written character, was more like an onion. Each layer revealed a stronger character trait than before.

The overall story is short in length, with just enough detail that the reader never feels cheated or bored. While certain areas were given more description then others, the balance between tone, detail, and flow was perfect. I also appreciated that, although the story is told in both Edward and Bella’s point of view, each chapter is unique without much overlapping of the story. Every chapter sees progression, which kept me craving more as I read on.

“I Just Needed You” is a captivating story that shows its readers why things aren’t always as they appear to be and what is hidden beneath the surface can sometimes explain it all.

If you haven’t read it yet, or are a reader that only reads completed fics, I highly recommend “I Just Needed You” by nerac.

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