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October 19, 2010

Blind Intentions by SammieLynnsMom

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: When Edward & Bella's son, Nathan, goes missing it turns their lives upside down. This is the journey they take to find him, & in the process realize everything isn't what it seems. M for language, themes, & future lemons EPOV E/B Eventually NO CHEATING

A parent’s worst nightmare, a phone call from one parent to another asking where their child is because they never made it home from school. Well, that is exactly what happens to Edward in the first chapter of Blind Intentions by SammieLynnsMom. At the start of the story we are introduced to Edward Cullen, respected doctor, husband and father. We learn that he and Bella had a brief encounter in college, which leads to a son named Nathan. Even though they tried to make a relationship work, they found they were better parents than partners. We start the story eight years later right before Nathan’s 8th birthday, and we find Edward married to Tanya and co-parenting Nathan with Bella. They are friends and seem to have perfected the blended family from all outside appearances. Not everything is as perfect as it seems.

"Edward, where is my son?" she screeched through the phone.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, because really it wasn't like Bella to call me out of the blue. Out of the two of us, Bella was always the calmer parent. For her to call me, in a panic, was alarming.

"I asked where Nathan is! When I went to the bus stop to pick him up, the driver told me he wasn't there this morning. So I called the school and they said he was absent today."

"Bella, he was at home when I left. Let me call Tanya, maybe he woke up sick or something." Panic began to take over me as I hightailed it into my office. Tanya would have called me if she kept him home, at least she did last time. And I had talked to her earlier, she didn't mention anything.

I hung up on Bella, although not on purpose, so I could quickly dial my house number.

"Hello baby," Tanya's flirty voice filled the receiver.

"Is Nathan with you?" I asked quickly.

"No, it's not our day to have him. I dropped him at the bus stop this morning and…"

"So he's not home?" I interrupted.

"I just said…"

"And did you watch him get on the bus?" Every red flag in my brain was lighting up like a Christmas tree.

"Um no, but Ed.."

My fingers started working before my mind could catch up.

"Hello?" Bella was in tears, I could hear it in her voice.

"He's missing, Bella. He's missing."

It grips your heart and your mind, from the get-go and we are taken on a intriguing, and frightening mystery with this couple, and their families as they search desperately for their child.

"He's not dead, I'm his mother, I would know. Dad, he's not dead!" she kept repeating over and over again while she paced the living room floor.


"No Edward, he's not..."



And then she fell.

And then my world fell.

We had our answer.

This story is seven chapters in, and the more questions that are answered, the more questions we, as the reader, have. It’s a fantastic story with mystery and drama and heart clenching emotion. The author does a wonderful job replying to reviews and providing teasers and making each and every reader feel like they are taking this journey with the main characters. Make sure and check out this intriguing story.


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