Brand New Fic of the Week: 10/4-10/10

October 06, 2010

The Publishing Rack by bicoastaltwigals
Review by JaimeArkin

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward is caught in a downward spiral while Bella is dead set on climbing her way to the top. Can they find common ground? A collaboration from TwiReaderAbi & ImwithPattz. Rated M for Lemons cuz that's what you really want , drug use, language, etc.

The Publishing Rack is a joint venture between TwireaderAbi and ImwithPattz. Honestly I came across this fic when a tweet came out stating that whoever reviewed first got a prize... Bribing works wonders for me.. just saying. After reading the first chapter I was so happy I clicked I can't even explain it. This story certainly doesn't take itself seriously and I love that about it. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm just as much of an angst h00r as the next reader, but I like funny fics too! I always get asked to rec a story that isn't angsty and is kind of lighthearted and this fits the bill!

"Determined, I looked determined. I hoped I didn't look constipated. Gosh, did this furrowed brow thing I was trying make me look constipated? Constipation isn't a laughing matter, but when you're aiming to look serious and authoritative, well, it's just not going to garner the esteem you're working towards. Great googley moogley. I ditched the serious/constipated look and settled for a thin lipped grimace instead. I barreled down the pathway, hurtling myself into Charlotte's cube. " - chapter 1

Bella in this story is so annoyingly weird it's endearing. The best part is that she doesn't think that she's the odd one. She takes her job at Masen Publishing very seriously and is ecstatic when she moves up becoming the Assistant to the CEO. We soon find out that Mr. Masen has a special job for Bella... little does she know that it has nothing to do with publishing. Enter Edward.

Edward is Mr. Masen's son who just graduated from UCLA. He was supposed to start working for the company, but has requested some additional time to 'sow his oats'. We learn very quickly that Edward is going to be trouble for our Bella.

"Who is this girl? I can smell her, see her, taste her on my tongue but there is that oh so fuzzy buzzy feeling like I have never even really met her. She is the "mystery of the day" in the life of C. Edward Masen III. It felt like she was a mirage. If it weren't for the fact that l could smell her and feel the rocking of the bed I would have thought she was a dream, or a manifestation of the myriad of drugs swimming through my blood." - Chapter 2

This is how we're introduced to Edward, after a night of drinking and drugs and eventually hooking up with a girl who he can't even remember the name of, we can see where his priorities lie.

The special assignment that Mr. Masen assigns Bella to do is spy on Edward and give him a daily account as to what he has been up to. Bella's shopping trip to Newton's Outfitters for supplies had me giggling endlessly.

"While there was certainly no shortage of baseball hats, that wasn't the look I was trying to achieve. I needed something that said "international man of mystery." Uh, I mean "woman." Geezoman, I watched too many movies this weekend. At the end of the aisle of baseball hats sat one lone spinning wire rack with only a sprinkling of hats on it. I stood leisurely spinning it, leaned back on one foot, my hip jutted out as my hope of finding something suitable quickly waned. Then I saw it; it wasn't perfect but it certainly had more potential than anything else in Newton's. A red skiing beret. I envisioned it set jauntily on my head while I sat on a park bench pretending to read the newspaper, peering over the top every so often to keep tabs on Mr. Masen's delinquent son. I would be deep undercover, no one would recognize me." - Chapter 3

This is a work in progress... in fact, it just started. Four chapters are posted with more on the way soon I hope. So if you are looking for something lighthearted and fun this is a story for you. Please head on over and give it a read, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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