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October 13, 2010

Running With a Red Angel by danieller123
Review by KylaPricky
*This story is no longer available* 

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: He didn't stop anything. It starts, where it ends. Bella/Edward. Vampires. Slightly OOC. A/U

Running with a Red Angel is a story that goes down a different path with the “la tua cantante” aspect of The Twilight Saga.

What if Edward had listened to Alice and let Bella get hit in the school parking lot on that fateful day? What if Edward not only didn’t save Bella but he instead couldn’t resist the temptation of her sweet blood spilling on the parking lot? What if he just had to have her?

“Bella finds her book and closes the door to her truck. Her eyes stay on the front cover, reading it. I look away and pull out my keys, placing the metal to the keyhole, but that is when it happens. Brakes squeal. Horns honk. My body remains still, but I see everything through Tyler's thoughts.

Bella's eyes still reading the cover to her book. The panic on his face. Mike covering his face. Jessica Stanley cursing that he is an asshole for pulling out ahead of her. It was her fault, though. She was applying lip gloss. Not paying attention. He doesn't know how to stop the van. His brakes are locked up. Sliding across the icy pavement of the parking lot. And headed right for…

"Should have ditched, Bella," I mutter to myself, before turning in preparation to make it to her side, planning on pulling her out of the way.

But, Bella looks up to see what is about to happen. Tyler's van. The horror fills her eyes. Her mouth slipping open. No sound, but her heart starting to race. I am close and hear Rosalie cursing as she sees what I am about to do.

Alice's warning, but it's too late for me to change my direction. Instead of standing still, Bella tries to dodge the van, not knowing I was about to keep her out of harms way. She places herself right in it's path. Past her truck. Out of Tyler's reach, but directly into Jessica Stanley, who is still not paying attention to her driving. Radio turned up. Cell phone to her ear. Mirror adjusted to see herself, not others.

Not Bella.

Don't! Alice warns.

My body stays in place, freezing instantly as her body collides with the Corolla. Her head smacks the pavement from the impact. I smell it before I see it. Fresh. Hot. Wet. Intoxicating. I am faster than my siblings. Alice has already seen the next move. She is already preparing the scene. Ushering Jessica and Angela away. Emmett has a hold of Jasper, pulling him back from what he should be stopping me from doing. Rosalie watches as Tyler's van has pulled away, missing Bella and Jessica hitting her.

She does nothing to stop me, for her own selfishness. Her own fears of Bella having seen me coming. What she should fear is what comes next...”

I have loved being introduced to this Edward and I can’t wait to see what springs from him next. He seems to have all the qualities of Edward that we all know and yearn for, but there is something different to him. Since the story is just beginning to blossom, I can’t say for sure what the big difference is, but I do believe it has something to do with him being a vampire.

I think this Edward may actually be a believable vamp. (Yes! Ok everyone, now it is the time for fist pumps and happy dances.)

One of the threads in this story that makes me think these vamps will indeed be quite vampy is the newborn Bella that rises in Chapter 2...

“A sigh escapes his chest. "I suppose there is no gentle way of saying this…you were….you were in an accident."

I hear laughter from the other room. A man. Woman. It doesn't seem to please him. He closes his eyes, tightly.

"Do you remember anything, Bella?"

I sweep my legs under me, hands on the tops of my thighs. "I remember you."


My mouth opens…I think there is something, but no. I try harder. It's all fuzz and blankness. The anger flares up in my chest again. I feel my nails scrape, tearing the fabric of my jeans; balling up my fists.

"What did you do to me?"


I'm on my feet. "Don't tell me how to be. I wanna know what you've done."

His eyes grow old, looking tired and abandoned. "You're my singer. I had no choice."

"No choice in what?" From the bed, to right in front of him. My palms shoving at his chest. "And what the hell is a singer, you crazy asshole?"

He captures my wrists. "In changing you, Bella. Even if you would have lived…the blood…I couldn't stop myself. You pulled me in. It was like…the name. It makes perfect sense."

My face twists in irritation. Disbelief. "I sang to you? Is that what…wait…stop yourself from changing me? Changing me to what?" He is silent and I lunge forward, pinning him down this time. "Changed me from what to what?"

"A vampire." Except, that wasn't the pretty boy...”

My blood is bubbling to see this Bella in action. She starts off with a bang as a newborn and I don’t see her slowing her roll anytime soon. Edward and the Cullen’s have their work cut out for them with this Bella.

This story is two chapters in and I can tell the author is just getting ready to tap into the vampire world in a new and creative way for this fandom.

Give this fic a taste and let it prove to you how it can sing.

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