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October 04, 2010

Discovering You, Discovering Me by JSFazz
Review by sscana

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward Cullen was branded a geek and bullied every day of his life. Bella Swan was always awkward, never quite knowing where she fit in. Together they learn a bit about themselves and each other. Will they discover love as well?

Ladies, I just want to tell you upfront that this is my favorite Geekward ever, or as Bella likes to call him, Mr. Cullen.

I am so in love with this little fic…

Bella has always been awkward, a klutz, and a little bit of an outcast. But she was lucky enough to become best friends with Alice, who shielded Bella from being ridiculed by everyone in school. Edward, on the other hand, had grown up being labeled the biggest dork ever and has been tormented since he was a small child by everyone in the town, except Bella.

The story starts off with Alice trying to cheer up Bella. Bella has recently lost her father and has moved back into their old house to try to get her life back on track. She has nothing but Alice’s friendship.

Thanks to Alice forcing Bella out for a night on the town, Bella catches a cold and is off to the local pharmacy for meds. And this is where I really fall in love with this story. Guess who the pharmacist is? Yes, my beloved Geekward.

Bella goes to the pharmacy counter and finds Edward working and falls immediately for the geeky, timid man she sees behind the counter. She knows just instantly that he is still that shy awkward boy from school. He seems terrified to socialize the very moment she starts talking to him. His mouth is agape and he’s trying to think of something to say but nothing is coming out. Bella realizes she’s not going to get more than a nod at the questions she is asking him and moves on.

But, to her surprise, he follows her to the cold and flu aisle and is asking all kinds of questions trying to help her. He wants to make sure that she gets the right meds and I think you can tell pretty quickly that he really likes her.

As the story progresses, Bella finds out all of the store’s gossip from Lauren and Jessica, of course. They fill her in on everything to do with the sexy Geekward, from how he doesn’t talk to anyone and if he could lose the hideous penny loafers and clothes, he could be drool-worthy. Bella is already getting peeved that they talk about him this way, but she holds her tongue and just listens until they reveal that Edward’s assistant is retiring.

Edward hires Bella and, of course, her first day cannot go off without a few glitches. We are talking about klutzy Bella here. One should really make sure the lid is on the amoxicillin bottle before shaking it! Poor Edward gets covered in a pink gooey mess. Personally, I wouldn’t mind helping him clean up.

Bella learns quickly that just being friends with Edward is going to be much harder than she thought.

“All I could recall were Edward's piercing stares, subtle touches, his bare muscular chest and sculpted jaw under my fingertips, his sweet scented breath washing over my face, his soft velvety voice in my ear, his laughter, the heat from his body as we seemed to instinctively gravitate towards each other…”

Shit, I'm in trouble.

Bella decides that she needs to take Edward to the mall that Saturday to do a little shopping for the clothes she ruined at work that week. She catches on that Edward doesn’t do his own shopping and he is so scared and timid about all the people around, that she grabs his hand. Edward relaxes instantly with her.

I was doing fist pumps for Bella myself right here!

Bella is trying to tell Edward she likes him the way he is and not to change for anyone because he starts talking about how he knows he’s dork and no one likes him and how stupid he must seem that his mother does his shopping. But Bella being the bolder of the two will have none of that.

"I feel so awful that I barely gave you the time of day growing up. I'm only now realizing how much I missed out on by not allowing myself the chance to know you. My life could have been completely different. I guess I had my own issues. I mean, I never really knew where I fit in. I was always such a plain Jane, and I still am. I basically followed Alice around like a lost puppy that she took in, but our friendship meant the world to me. She and Charlie were all I had. I've spent the past decade of my life walking around in a haze, not knowing where I belonged. But last week, when I saw you and you touched my face…something happened inside me. It was like something sprang to life and my eyes were opened for the very first time to see something I never thought possible for me. It kills me that you were treated so horribly as a kid, and if I could I'd go back in time and kick every one of those punks' asses. But don't let it define who you are, Edward. You don't see yourself clearly at all. Because what I see is a beautiful, intelligent, caring man who makes my heart stop every time he looks at me.".

"Can I keep you?" he whispered.”

I think Edward’s “Can I keep you” line is one of my all time favorite lines EVER!!!!

Let’s just say that when Geekward gives a kiss to Awkwardella, everyone may need to change their panties!

As this story progresses, Bella becomes the best little momma bear ever protecting her man. I love seeing Bella being the stronger of the two and not letting anyone put her or her man down.

“Everything in me wanted to go Mama Bear on Crowley's ass and claw him to pieces before wrapping my arms so tight around Edward he'd have no choice but to stop shaking. Miraculously, however, a wee bit of logic wormed its way into my brain and managed to override my emotions temporarily so I could get a handle on this situation, as all eyes in the store were now trained on the pharmacy counter. I had to be professional about this, no matter how much I wanted to protect Edward.”

This last chapter made me fall in love with Geekward and Awkwardella even more. We got to see some of their back story. Yes, it was sad and made me wanted to cuddle them both. But it was also hot and sexy. Edward may have never been with a woman before but that boy definitely goes after what he wants.

“Suddenly, like someone just flipped a switch, Edward was back in horny aggressive mode. Soon enough we were all lips and tongues again. I had Edward's hair gripped in my fists once more as his hands began to wander. His left hand was already wrapped around my hip while his other remained planted beside my head, holding his weight off me.

It was then my mind totally switched off and my body took over. I bent my knees, pushing Edward off of me momentarily before wrapping my legs around his waist and cradling him between my thighs.

I could feel him easily, hard and rigid, and right there”

The end of this chapter left my mouth agape and DYING for more. Here’s to hoping we get an update soon. This girl is missing her Geekward.

JSFazz does a wonderful job of writing this story with such a sweet adorable couple that you cannot help but fall in love with them. I’m dying to see how this story plays out. It’s just on chapter 10 now. So ladies, please read and join Miss JSFazz on this amazing journey into what l know will be one of the cutest and funniest love stories out there.

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