WIP of the Week: 10/25-10/31

October 25, 2010

Bookends by BellasExecutioner

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: AH/AU Edward and Bella are two lost souls in a sea of lost souls, but love conquers all. Right? Rated M for harsh language/Lemons and Drug Use. Winner of Two Sparkle Awards: The Bella Best Angst & The Heat Best Lemon . R&R Plz.

If you're familiar with me as a writer; not only reading my stories but my interviews and other things, than you know that there are only a few stories and a few authors that I hold up on a pedestal. If you were to ask another fanfiction author who or what their inspiration for writing themselves is, most answers would be Angstgoddess and Wide Awake, EP or maybe even MoTU.

Those examples are wonderful fics; WA was one of my first reads, I think we will all agree on that. While I haven't read the others, I have nothing bad to say except they're not on my list of inspirational fics.

After I finished Wide Awake I discovered my inner angst junkie. I was on the lookout for something to rip me apart and leave me begging for mercy.... So if you do know me then you should already know that my ultimate source of inspiration and my personal hero is BellasExecutioner and her fic Bookends.

'I reverently ran my fingers over the red circles and green ribbons on my post card. I smiled remembering the first picture I got. It was an apple. No note. No words. Just red, perfect shiny apple with our addresses and names on the back side of the page. I had accepted the apple with a hell of a lot of pride. Edward was hard to get along with-even for me. But that little red apple spoke more than any amount of words.' Bella, Chapter 2

I remember reading Bookends and being amazed... It deals with an array of difficulties. Edward and Jasper are siblings and rescued from their drug abusing mother by their Uncle Carlisle. Bella and Emmett are also siblings, living with their single mother Esme, while trying to deal with an insufficient father, Charlie. Jake becomes a Rose, while owning my heart in the process of self-discovery. There are so many layers of depth to this story that trying to explain them all would cheapen the read....

BellasExecutioner leaves me in awe with her words. Her ability to make me feel is what I love about her most. Her Edward and Bella are difficult and frustrating but never once do you ever think that they will not make it. They leave you on edge while you're screaming at you computer screen for them to just fucking listen... To just fucking look. Of course the author doesn't let us off easily....

Angst just to write angst seems to be an on-going trend. People have the tendency to write shit just to make their readers cry, leaving us feeling empty and cheated. Bookends contains angst for reason. There is a reason for so much hurt and struggle. The battle is the point from the very beginning... It’s a lifetime for these characters. We are taken from their childhoods to their late twenties... It’s like watching them every step of the way.

You will cry and you will yell but I promise that you will love....It’s not an easy task to inspire, move or effect me but it’s been done with Bookends and that is why it will always be one of my favorites.

'MUD' Edward, Chapter 6

Want to know what that means? Go read and find out... You won't regret it.


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