Writer Submitted Fic: 3/21-3/27

March 24, 2011

Still of the Night by StAngelS
Review by Agrutle

Rating: M
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella wakes up every night at 2.13am, heart racing, fearful. Can the Dr. cure her or will the arrival of a dark stranger help Bella find peace from her past? Some lemons,few scary bits,E/B,AH,OOC,Some major character death.Supernatural/Suspense/Romance

Waking up every morning at two-thirteen is no way to live, and Bella has been doing that for six months. Finally, Charlie talks her in to going to see Dr. Carlisle Cullen about her sleeping issues. She doesn’t know what’s wrong but she’s tired of being woke up every night at the same time, feeling like she’s dying. After running tests that show nothing is physically wrong with Bella, she begins to give up hope that anything will be found to help her. Who do you call when you can’t see what’s hurting you? The Masen brothers, that’s who!

I wake up screaming and bolt out of bed. My feet hit the wooden floor with a dull thud. I don't even know why I'm bothering to look at the time. It's two-thirteen in the morning, the same time I have been waking up every night for the past six months.

My heart feels like it's about to break through my chest. I can barely breathe because it feels like a big pair of arms are wrapped around of my torso, squeezing. I feel cold, so very, very cold. Slowly the pressure around my chest lifts, my breathing returns to normal, and my heart rate slows down. It would be so much easier if I could just remember what I was dreaming about which woke me so violently. Every night it's the exact same thing. I wake up screaming. I feel like I'm dying. I can't fall asleep again and I lie in bed, in the dark, until I start becoming restless.

Edward Masen and his brothers, Jasper and Emmett live on the road, going from town to town and hunting for the unseen. When Carlisle calls and says he needs them, the boys don’t hesitate to come. After they get there, it becomes apparent that there is something going on in Forks. Something supernatural, and it seems to have gotten a hold of Bella and doesn’t want to let go.

I feel the covers of my bed lift up very deliberately and the icy cold form of someone get into bed with me. The feel of the body next to me chills me to my bones, right down to the core of me. Someone is in bed with me. I don't know who and I am petrified. I feel a frigid hand touching my side and slide up towards my chest. A cry is caught in my throat.

I jolt upright just to feel icy arms pull me back onto the bed. I fight, trying to free myself from their hold but can't move an inch. Big hand violently grab at my breasts, I grab at empty air trying to reach the arms of the person accosting me, trying to pull him away. Nothing. No one is there, but I feel him.

Suddenly, he grabs onto my shoulder and flips me over so I'm lying on my stomach. A penetratingly icy breath washes over my neck as I feel a wintry body push me into the mattress, a cold hand grabs onto my knee pulling my leg up, a body as cold as death placing itself between my legs.

Oh, god, someone help me! No. No. No. No. No.

Arctic hands grab onto my hips and lift my pelvis up as if to prepare me for penetration. I feel the material of my underwear tear. The sound of ripping material making bile rise up in my throat as their invading hands forcefully remove the fabric from between me and them. I can't breathe as the reality settles on me that someone is about to rape me. I feel them shift and steel myself for what I'm sure is about to transpire when my bedroom door is violently thrown open.

"Absum phasmatis quod subsist excrucio hicallus diutus!" A commanding voice shouts and just like that the cold form disappears and I'm alone in bed, shaken, shocked, numb, and cold.

"Bella"? Edwards's concerned voice breaks into my consciousness. "Bella?"

The author has a great way of making you feel like you are right there with the boys and Bella, dealing with the demons. Her Edward is commanding and has a take charge attitude that makes him sexy. Bella is no shy girl either, she can hold her own and does quite well at it. Come and enjoy the journey of ghosts, demons, and whatever else may pop up.


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