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March 03, 2011

The Apprentice by 84gemstone
Review by Toni0204
*This Story is No Longer Available* 

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Sixteen hopefuls one job what happens when love find it's way into the boardroom?

When Gemma tweeted to say that she thought someone should write a fanfic based on the TV show The Apprentice, I was the first person to tweet back saying “Do it” because I thought what an amazing idea. So when she emailed me a couple of days later to say that she had the first chapter ready to post I was more than a little excited and she didn’t let me down.

Carlisle Cullen Age 45

After leaving school aged 16, Carlisle started selling electrical goods out of a van he bought for £50. He founded Raspberry and now has an estimated worth of £730 million.

In the first chapter we get to see the résumés of the contestants and are given a little info on the man they want to work for and his right hand “men”. Although the plot hasn’t officially started, 84gemstone gives us the insight to the major players of the fic that is needed and is keeping in style of the TV program.

The journey begins in the second chapter, which is told from Carlisle’s point of view. I am very interested to find out if Gemma will continue to write from his POV as this is essentially going to be a Bella and Edward story or will she allow everyone to have their say.

Why did I sign up for a second season again? Oh yeah I'm crazy. Last year's event was a colorful experience indeed resulting in the winning candidate Heidi walking away with a hefty pay check. Only to find out she was pregnant two months into securing the position; let's just hope human resources can tempt her into full filling her position after her maternity leave is up.

In the summary we are promised love in the boardroom. I can’t wait to find out how this develops and at only two chapters in, 84gemstone has already got me literally begging for more.

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