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March 07, 2011

Bring on the Wonder by Bronzehyperion
Reviewed by phoebes.promise

Rated: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella works the streets of Seattle as a prostitute. Edward is waiting to be ordained as a Catholic priest. Is there anything they have to offer each other? Or are there just sacrifices they both have to make…

Wonder indeed… to admire, to be amazed, to be in awe of something marvelous. Bring on the Wonder by Bronzehyperion is a journey of discovery, of love, of self and soul. The premise is addicting, the writing is vivid and the characters are perfectly compelling.

Two young, beautiful people surviving their own sequence of life in contrasting worlds. Edward Cullen is beloved son from a proud and devoutly Catholic family. A tragic experience as an adolescent led him to the call to become a priest. His gentle heart and spirit lends beautifully to this quest to serve the church. Edward is determined on his path, stifling innate desire until he meets Bella Swan…

But somehow I had managed, hearing God's voice whispering my calling to me every time I prayed for the strength to stay pure and faithful to God.

It had given me strength and since then I hadn't strayed in my faith.

And I wasn't about to give up now just because I had met a tempting hurdle in the form of a beautiful woman.

I kept telling myself that as I showered and got ready for bed.

But as I lay there between the cool sheets, trying to let sleep take me over, all I could see was her, chocolate eyes brimming over with shameful secrets and wistful regrets. A face as pure as white snow tainted by blood-red lips that could whisper unholy promises.

She haunted me like Jacob had done for so many nights.

That was the first night I dreamt of Isabella Swan.

Bella’s world is in vast contradiction to Edward’s. Bella is a prostitute struggling with the brutal demons of her reality. She survives with a strong temperament and exterior, but as with Edward their chance meeting stirs her very being…

"Excuse me," a deep smooth voice pulled me from my reverie.

The voice belonged to a figure. A male figure, I could tell, even though most of his face was hidden in the shadows. A male figure that sounded like an angel too. Fuck, was it this location? Did the community center have an aura of attracting fucking saints now? No wonder Ang liked it here.

Truthfully, I wasn't. I fucked men for a living and never had I wanted to fuck one for free.
My body hadn't given a signal of wanting to get fucked willingly in a long time.


This guy, with hair that looked like he was pulling at it a lot because it stuck out everywhere– how fucking kinky – and eyes that made me want to come in ways I had never believed possible, destroyed my numbness completely with one smile.

Double shit.

That was the first night I wanted to fuck Edward Cullen.

And thus sets in motion a complicated, intriguing twist on forbidden love…

Bronzehyperion explores both Edward and Bella’s points of view. In tone, style and speech the reader is exposed to the peace of Edward’s religious wisdom. Beautiful moments of self reflection are intertwined with meaningful scripture. Bella is a vivid, emotional storyteller. Her difficulties are detailed in a very powerful, personal and raw manner. The author weaves their environments flawlessly through a mission, dynamic minor characters and hope of love.

As I lowered my head, made the sign of the Cross and then folded my hands, I silently prayed.

My Lord, my shepherd…I would never ask for anything but your light for me to bask in and your compassion in times I need mending. I'd never be selfish enough to ask you to save Bella. I am certain you have a plan for her and I would never want to question it.

I took a deep breath and unfolded my hands to take one of Bella's into mine before folding them back together. Touching her skin so intimately caused a spark to pulse through my arm. It felt like an electric shock that zapped me, pushing its way through my veins, straight to my heart.

The feeling was overwhelming but not uncomfortable. It felt like warmth and hope. Strength and faith. I believed the undeniable connection was God's way of telling me he was listening to my prayer.

Please, my God, please. I know it's selfish to beg for anything. To demand for Bella to come to her senses and turn her life around. I don't want to disappoint you or forsake my faith.

But I need to know how to be her friend. How to help her. My attempts have been fruitless. I anger her and I fear that she'll self-destruct if she doesn't turn her life around.

Give me faith my Lord. Let me be strong and fulfill my destiny. Let me be strong and carry Bella's burdens for her; let me be her shoulder. 

Let me be strong enough to save her.

Like I didn't save Jacob.

Bring on the Wonder is an intense, compelling work in progress. It is a journey of growth, hope and love that matters. A relationship progression of one charitable heart who wants nothing more than to share, inspire and cherish humanity juxtaposed with another whose damaged and desperate. Will their passion be realized… one can only wonder…

We'll always be two different worlds, him and me.

Heaven and hell.

Angel and demon.

Sinner and saint.

Prostitute and priest.

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  1. IcarusToSun said...:

    Hey! Thank you so much for reviewing this amazing story. Bring on the Wonder is not only brilliantly written, but deals with a significantly difficult subject seamlessly. I always knew that it deserves a bigger readership and hopefully with your help, it will reach more people.

    Thank you:)

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