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March 09, 2011

Underworld by LyricalKris
Review by KylaPricky

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella/Jasper

Summary: "Edward, the boss that makes our life a living hell is in a club that suggests she just might like to be bound and dominated. What kind of friend would I be if I let you pass this up?" 2 for the price of 1 contest winner: Reader's Choice. J/E/B

“Jasper's fingers at her waist, tracing titillating circles.

Edward's fingers in her hair, gripping and massaging and petting.

Their mouths at her neck, sucking and tasting and licking.”

Do I even need to write a review after that quote? Ok, so I really don’t, but I will anyway for those of you who misread or didn’t get the hint about how hot this story is and for some reason are still reading my words.

I must admit I am not a big fan of male slash. I really like to be able to place myself in the story’s scenario so my mind can really be able to grasp and hold onto the fantasy. That’s why my mind really likes this little doozy, called Underworld. I know there a lot of slash lovers out there, especially for J/E, so I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for saying that, but have you ever wanted to instead of just reading about Jasper and Edward getting hot and heavy, actually put yourself in the middle of a J and E sammwich?

Yeah, that’s how lucky the Bella is in this story, but there is a little more to it than that.

Bella is actually Jasper and Edward’s boss and get this... she is one tough, aggressive, take-no-bullshit type business woman. That’s what makes it all the more awesome when roommates and occasionally lovers Jasper and Edward run into Mrs. Swan at a club called, Underworld. A club for people who are of the BDSM variety. And no, this Bella isn’t ready to whip and chain subs; she’s the one wanting to get a nice spanking.

“Edward followed his gaze and gasped, his mouth hanging open.

Across the room, pressed against the wall and drinking from tumbler of amber colored liquid, was none other than Isabella Swan.

Only she wasn't in a pantsuit now.

No, she was an absolute vision. Net floral thigh-highs set off by red sheer under-stockings, climbed the curves of her long, slender legs. There was just a strip of perfect, white skin showing before the simple, black, pleated mini-skirt she wore. The sleeves of the velvety black top she wore didn't quite cover the - god almighty - tattooed cuff around her upper arm. Her hair had been ironed straight and sleek. Her lips were painted as black as Jasper claimed her soul was.”

This story is so full of win it’s not even funny. There is something in it for everyone. The slashers, the E/Bers, the ironic twist of faters, the lemony ones, the ones who love comedy, the ones who actually like stories and not just smut, the ones who want smut and a story. Ok ok! I know you get the hint, but still etc etc.

It is an easy read, but I’d suggest only reading in privacy and on days where you have nothing else to do besides roll in bed. Read the very first chapter and you’ll catch my drift, (Lyricalkris starts off with a bang, well, literally a double bang, to be more precise)

This story is only four chapters in so jump on the Underworld bandwagon and join me for some Jasper, Edward, and Bella sammwich munch time. If you like lots of hot meat you will not be disappointed.


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